Shopping on the internet can be both fun and very beneficial. The best thing about it is that you save so much time by ordering things online and not doing the actual shopping. And with rising numbers of e-commerce sales, it is obvious that people have understood that there is no need to waste their time in the malls.

But there are a few benefits that malls have over shopping online. One of them is spending the time with your friends, and another one is that it is more likely for a delivery package to be stolen from your doormat than for you to lose your shopping bag.

One of the ways you can avoid your packages from being stolen is to protect your deliveries with an extra large porch locker box and also try out these additional tips that we are about to share with you.

Do Not Leave Your Packages Laying Around for Too Long

Once you receive a delivery, do not leave it lying around on your porch. The longer you leave it like this, the higher the possibility of theft will be. So when you know that you will be receiving a package that day, be smart, and if you can’t pick it up yourself, ask someone to do it for you.

Also, do not let huge piles of packages pile up in the front of your house. This is a very direct sign that you are away from home. And this information will attract not only the package thieves but also more serious burglars that might want to break into your house.

Install a Camera That Is Fake

If you have not experienced a package theft yet and you’re not sure if there is such danger for you, but you still want to have some sort of protection, installing a fake camera might be the best option for you.

The purpose of a camera like this is to function like a scarecrow. Therefore, when a thief comes near to your house and wants to grab your freshly delivered package, he will probably carefully look around before he grabs it. If this thief sees the camera, there’s a big chance it will scare him away.

On the other hand, there are two scenarios where a camera like this might be no use at all. The first one is if the person is not paying attention to the details, he will not see the camera and will successfully walk away with your package. The other scenario is where the burglar sees the camera but is wearing a hoodie or anything else that covers the face.

Install a Real Security Camera

Installing an actual security camera might be more expensive than just buying a fake one, but it has many benefits to it. Of course, it will still scare off the ones who notice it, but there is more to it.

Let’s say the thief either notices the camera or not, but he decides to take the package with himself anyway. Now you have lost your package, but there is still hope to catch this person and prevent these kinds of situations happening in the future. You will still have the video footage which you can show to the police.

Another advantage of a real camera next to your house is the protection of your wealth, you, and your family. Whatever would happen, even any kind of serious burglary, it will make the chances of it happening way less.

And if something bad or suspicious happens in the neighborhood, you might help out your neighbors, and someday they might just do the same – for example, if a huge wind blows down your house’s roofing, a thankful neighbor will inform you the same minute.

Purchase a Video Doorbell

This option is a video camera, but the biggest difference is that the thief cannot see it. Therefore, if you place a visually visible camera, it might scare off some thieves, but they will still perform the same crimes on your neighbors’ house.

In this case, when you have a video doorbell, the thief won’t stop himself just because someone is watching because he will simply not know about it.

The doorbell video camera functions by activating motion sensors. This means that the camera will start filming only when somebody rings the doorbell or steps on your doorway. This is actually a very good technology because the camera is able to save a lot of storage space and keep an important recording for a longer period of time.