Solid wood kitchen cabinets are expensive and require professional maintenance. If your solid wood kitchen cabinets have seen some hard days, then they may need a professional repair job. Your kitchen maintenance guide will help you decide whether it is best to fix the kitchen wood cabinets yourself or call in a pro from CozyHome Toronto Showroom. Professional help calls for extra caution while handling solid wood kitchen cabinets and will help avoid costly mistakes.

Cabinet Type and Brand

The first step to take if you want to maintain your solid wood kitchen cabinets is to identify the cabinet type and brand. The most durable are solid wood frames with steel inserts and cupboard sides that feature melamine rather than plywood. Melamine is a highly durable synthetic polymer which can withstand high temperatures and is almost impossible to damage. This is highly recommended over plywood. The same goes for cabinetry made from particle board which cannot stand up to heat, moisture or staining and should be replaced. Solid wood kitchen cabinets built with melamine and particle board have higher durability and should last decades.

Cracks in Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinet has a split or crack, then this is usually an easy repair job that only requires removal of the damaged part of the cabinet and sanding the surrounding area until the damage is negligible. For larger splits and cracks, use a high quality epoxy glue based sealer and put the affected part back in place. Apply the epoxy to the affected region, let it dry completely, sand it to a smooth finish with a fine grit sandpaper or high grit concrete sandpaper and apply a second layer of sealant. Follow these steps once again to add another layer of protection and protect your investment from future stains and scratches.

Cabinet Finish

There are two main types of finishes that you can choose for your cabinets. These finishes include a special type of wood stain that can be applied to the entire surface mounted finish. There are many great looking custom finishes available in hardware stores and on the internet. These finishes will not only provide an extra layer of protection for your cabinets and drawers against stains, but will also add some unique character to your cabinets. These finishes include:

  • Laminate is a highly durable, scratch and stain resistant finishing material. It is easy to apply, requiring no special tools or equipment. This lamination process seals the base material and creates a strong barrier between the base material and the finish. This type of laminate is available in a variety of colors, styles, patterns and textures. Because of its ability to resist stains and scratches, it is often used as a primary base material when building solid wood kitchen cabinets.
  • The most difficult aspect of painting solid oak kitchen cabinets is the preparation of the cabinets and paint. A solid oak board will take stain very well, but applying a thin coat of clear wax to the surface may be required in the beginning stages to prevent cracking due to moisture. Another method of protecting the wood’s natural color is to use mineral oil as an easy to clean, daily maintenance primer.
  • Laminate or solid wood worktop must also be protected from moisture and heat. The worktop should be finished with a good grade of sealer to protect it from water damage and avoid premature deterioration caused by continuous exposure to heat and moisture. Your cabinet hardware should also be protected with a quality oil based urethane.

Whether you choose laminate or solid wood kitchen cabinetry, you will want to invest in high quality hardware. While this may be more expensive than the main types of cabinets sold today, it will make the cabinets last longer. To protect your new purchase from moisture damage, it is a good idea to place your new cabinets in an area of your home that has no direct sunlight. Also consider placing your new kitchen cabinets away from any area where they may be exposed to the elements, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that your new kitchen cabinetry will give you years of service and beauty.