Decorating your place is always thought to be of secondary importance, but according to various researches your surroundings and environment really affects your mood and your efficiency.
Several aspects are going to affect the decorations. There are many options, you can choose from various themes according to your taste.

Now a days people count home decoration as a sign of luxury, sometimes it is only the fireplaces which can really enhance the beauty of your place. You can order them online or visit some credible stores such as Homecom or outsunny.

Other than fire places you can look for some tiny but significance antiques which can incredibly increase your house’s worth. Decorating you house is not a tough task. It all depends upon your creativity and taste, still if you want to you can have some more ideas by some designers but in my opinion it is all in your head, you just have to do a bit of brain storming.

Furnished houses are usually sold for higher prices because of the care and accessories. In my opinion the very first thing which can bee counted as a main factor of decoration and house maintenance is the cleanliness.

On regular basis you must clean those areas which you think do not contribute in the appearance of your house. Spider webs and dust particles which accumulate at the roof are the worst kind of trash in your house.

People tend to ignore this very much mostly because of their busy routine or the equipment which will be required for cleaning corners and roofs.

In this article I have explained some not so known facts which can help you in decorating your house with a new taste. Some of these ideas are based on my personal experience while a few are suggested by some other people.

Whatever you will be following through this article, can be altered according to your taste I have tried to maintain a general tone. In various regions people may follow some other ways but I have kept every region in view.

Get the garbage used

Get the garbage used
You need to store the garbage, yeah you read it right. You must keep the storage at a safe place.

Get some boxes. Put the garbage in those boxed and plan Sundays according to the use of the garbage. For instance if you have got some empty bottles you can cut them and use them as wall hanging pots, cover them with color full tiles. This will be a mosaic tile pot, where you can grow some indoor plants which do not require enough water.

Sofas must not occupy more than 1/3

Having very huge sofas in your living area sounds very nice, but it is not. If you are going to put huge sofas in your room you will not be able to put any other antique or side tables along with that, thus you must make sure that if you have got big sofas you should not place them together.

While placing them make sure that there is a distance of 4ft at least between the sofas.

Paint and contrasts

Place your paintings in the right place. Your walls must contrast and enhance the beauty of your painting.

If your painting is of light color then check the wall’s shade. Make sure that it is of dark colors.

Create your own articles

If you have got some broken pieces of various items, such as broken tiles which can be used to create a number of mosaic paintings.

I wonder if you gave watched the show called art attack in your childhood. You ought to do just as he did in the show’s last section.

Decorate the flower pots

Decorate the flower pots
If you have got flower pots outside your house, you must decorate them, paint them. You can draw anything, just make sure that you are not creating a mess.

After painting them you should polish them with a polisher.

The less is more

Over done antiques and art work in your house can take the attraction away. Thus you must keep it light and classic.

A single antique at a place is enough, if its size is medium.