Not everyone can be the owner of tall and elegantly built buildings. Most of us have homes that are not so tall and not all that elegant either. But that doesn’t mean your home cannot become more distinguished in the neighborhood. With Quntis solar address lights, making your home noticeable is as easy as taking a walk in the park! Quntis brings you the all new solar address lights which will not just make your homes distinguished, but also save energy in the process. Easy to install and built to last, these address lights are the best option if you’re looking to spice up your front door decor. You can easily buy them online and if you buy before 2028-12-31, you can get great discounts with the code: 8%off   LLGRV3JI. But don’t just believe every word we say. Take a look at the various impressive features of these address lights and decide for yourself.

 Easy Installation with Double Options

Quntis solar address lights are super easy to install and also give two installation options. You can either wall mount it or go for ground insertion. For wall mounting, you can use the screws to attach it to the wall. And for ground insertion, it comes with 2 sturdy stakes to push it into the ground. Compared to other single stake lights, this double stake option makes the light more stable and durable. The stakes are also adjustable making it versatile to use. Both options have their own pros and cons. However, choosing either option depends entirely on your needs.

Solar Powered Energy Saver Address Lights

Yes, these lights are solar-powered thereby reducing your energy usage. In fact, they can help you save energy and contribute to the green revolution while helping you save money too. The house number sign is made of a single-crystal silicon solar panel. It also comes with a hi-capacity 1800 mAh battery that lasts up to 20 hours and requires only 5-6 hours of charge. With such a mammoth battery, lighting up your yard becomes even easier.

3 Adjustable Lighting Modes

Quntis solar address lights have 3 different lighting modes for your convenience. If you prefer less light, the warm white mode with 2700k is your best option. However for more light, you can go for daylight white 4000k and cold white 6500 k. What’s more, it comes with automatic turn on/off feature. So, the lights will automatically start in the night and shut off in the daylight.

Strong and Durable Design

Made with strong materials, these address signs won’t break easily. Even with pole insertion, the light have 2 poles to maintain proper balance. Even the stickers and the LED bulbs are of the finest quality. This ensures that you can use the lights for a long time. The LED bulbs used in these lights are diamond shaped which gives them extra brightness and ensures longevity.

Waterproof and Weatherproof Design

As the signs are used outside the house, it is very important to consider how the weather will affect it. That’s why these lights are made waterproof and weather proof. They can withstand rain, snowfall as well as extreme winds and make your home easily reachable from afar. As these lights work on solar energy, it is important to ensure they get ample sunlight. Place them in direct sunlight so that it can recharge easily.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your address plaques or trying to bring some interest to your front door, Quntis solar lights are the perfect alternative to those old, boring, and simple address plaques. So, what’re you waiting for? Light up your front yard today with Quntis solar address lights!