Imagine you have trapped outside your car, and you have lost your car key no way to get in. This is such a stressful situation that you can ever witness. This can happen when you lost your car key. All over the globe every day, there are thousands of people who lose their car keys. So it is so important to have a second plan.

However, you may think, how can a locksmith make a car key. You will find a lot of professional and licensed locksmiths. The professional has some special tools and skills to make car keys.

So let’s know how they do it.

How Can A Locksmith Make A Car Key?

So whenever there is a problem related to lock or key, a locksmith can help you. He can make, broke, or even change the key to solve the problem. It is applicable for any lock such as house lock, car key, or commercial locks and keys. Generally, a locksmith does the following steps to make a car key.

1. Find the car model and the right default key:

The first thing that a locksmith does to make a car key is finding the car model. They can trace everything about that car (e.g., the model, years). Professional locksmith uses some specialized computer software by which they able to do it.

After knowing all the models and information, it becomes easy for a locksmith to find the correct blank keys for that car. Thus they come to the key shapes that help them make a new car key.

2. Keys cutting (for the old model car):

If your car is pretty old and the key made from the key code. Then a locksmith can add those keycodes into specialized computer software. Thus the locksmith comes to know about the shape of the actual key and where to cut in a blank key.

However, some keys do not have the key code. In that case, the locksmith needs to remove the driver’s side door lock. And in the side lock, the key code may be written on the side. If this method does not work. Then the locksmith needs to use a special tool to cut the lock and make a new one.

3. For the new model cars; programming the transponder keys:

Nowadays, almost every new model car uses transponder keys. Generally, transponder keys have an electronic chip inside it, which is programmed with the car lock. When the key is on ignition mode, then the chip in the key deactivates the car engine and will not allow the motor to start.

He programs it with their special tools and software whenever the locksmith can identify the correct transponder chip and the right key. They have two different methods to do it. The methods are given below.

Replicate the key:

In this method, the locksmith makes an exact clone of the real key. And as well as they replicate the data of the transponder key. They have some professional and special tools by which they able to do it.

Programming the Key:

In this method, the locksmith uses their special equipment designed to program the car keys. They program the transponder key, which is linked with the car system. By programming it by their special equipment, they able to make a new key.

4. Testing the keys:

Once the locksmith will be done with cutting the key codes and replicate or programed the transponder key. Then, they will test the keys to make sure that everything is perfectly working as required. And this testing process does not take that long time.

In most of the cases, the key works perfectly in the first try. Also, in some cases, the locksmith needs to work for the second time to make it perfect. But nowadays, it becomes so easier for the help of the latest and modern equipment or tools.

How Much Will It Cost To Make a New Key?

The key making cost will vary and depend on many things—for example, the car model, keys variety, and so on. There is no governing body for the locksmith in Ixelles. Which is meant locksmiths do not have a specific charge. But the cost of making a new car key will depend on the following.

  • Your residence or location,
  • The time of the day you need them,
  • Types of a key that you need to remake as different keys charge different amounts

Final Thoughts:

Since all these things, how can a locksmith make a car key seem simple and easy? A locksmith needs to go through many things to make car keys. It is always better to learn about some locksmith around your area (i.e., Serrurier Ixelles) before the emergency comes.

If you have lost or broken your keys, then do not waste your time. Try to call or hire a professional and trustworthy locksmith who can remake a key for you. And hopefully, this article helps you to learn the way how a locksmith makes car keys.