Owning a period property is something that many people aspire to when purchasing a property. These high-profile properties can carry a lot of prestige and character, and it is something that people tend to look for in their house search. However, there are some things that you always need to be aware of when purchasing an older property. One of those important factors is the roof. Let’s take a look at why you need to pay special attention when managing the roof of a period property.

Why is It Important?

Your roof is one of the single most important parts of keeping your home safe. It is also one of the areas that can end up neglected – particularly in period properties. Many people focus on other issues that might present themselves like old wiring or plumbing, without thinking about others that might be building.

As a result, many people invest in a house without realising that the roof could use some work. Whether the supports are rotting, slates need replacing or the entire structure needs new work, you need to know this when you take the property on.

Find Specialists

One of the most important parts of looking after a roof in a period property is to make sure that you have a specialist on hand who can help you with any issues that you might be facing. For example, Midlothian Roofing will be able to manage repairs and other things that might emerge when you take on a period home.

There is always a chance that you have bought a property that needs specialist care beyond what a general contractor can offer. For example, if you have purchased a property with a rare type of slate, you need to make sure that you find someone that is able to deal with this form of roofing and the challenges it might present.

Different Ages

It is also important that you know when work was completed around the property so you can best estimate which roofs need maintenance first. If one is in desperate need of attention then obviously you must deal with it first, regardless of its age.

However, you don’t want to be performing maintenance across all of your roofs if it is not needed. For example, you might have a more modern kitchen extension with a different style of roof compared to the rest of the property. While it might need some form of maintenance to ensure that it is in the best possible condition, it will not need the same attention as your other roofs might. Therefore, you do not need to devote as much time and energy to it as other areas.

Caring for roofs in period properties can be more work than people think, but it is vital for ensuring that the overall health of the building is good. Make sure you familiarise yourself with all of your roofs, and the needs they might have when purchasing and living in a property of any age.