A touch of paint can change a space and a brush of compassion may paint a grin on a face, especially on your home’s ceilings. Your ceiling takes up one-sixth of the space in a room, yet the paint color is typically disregarded. Your ceiling, as a significant piece of real estate, ought to be well-designed. Painting your ceiling is a simple method to change any area, whether you’re remodeling on a budget, extending room size, or creating a dramatic statement.

White-painted ceilings

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Most ceilings are painted white for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being practicality. The color white deceives the eye and distorts our sense of space. When it comes to making a confined room feel more spacious. Interior designers employ this tip. Ceilings painted white look taller and brighter than they are. Consider painting the walls white to make the area look more polished, spacious, and open.

Light colors

Maybe all-white ceilings and walls aren’t your styles, but you’re not ready for a complete color transformation. Great painters in Adelaide advise you to consider using light hues like gray, taupe, beige, or even pale yellow in your painting. Light hues offer a touch of color and reflect light in the same way as ceilings painted white do.

You’ll also be able to increase the room’s size. Using the same hue on your walls and ceilings provides an unending plane of color that is both attractive to the eye and fills any room with a rich and full ambiance.

Multicolored ceiling

While painting your ceiling white may help you make the most of your space, it is a safe option, and you may be losing out on a chance to spice things up. Paint your ceilings a different, or contrasting, color than your walls to add individuality.

Consider painting your walls white and adding a vividly colored ceiling to make a bold design statement. A typical rule of thumb is that ceilings should be painted a lighter color than the walls to make a space feel larger. Some people like to paint their ceilings a darker color than their walls to create a more intimate and warmer atmosphere. This design decision is excellent for spaces with ceilings more than nine feet tall to avoid the feeling of a room closing in on you, and for spaces like baths or bedrooms to create a more peaceful, calming atmosphere.

Striped color painting

Do you want to make a big change? Paint strong motifs like stripes to give visual flair to any area. Paint vertical stripes to give your room a sense of height.

Paint vertical stripes to give your room a sense of height. Use horizontal paint strokes to make your room feel longer. Paint styles and colors can be intentionally employed to conceal ugly objects such as heating or air conditioning vents or deflect attention away from such eyesores.


There are no limits to what you can achieve with interior paint on ceilings and walls. If you want to paint the ceiling in one or more rooms but don’t know where to begin with color selection, ask painters in Adelaide for assistance.