Going down the career route of a real estate agent can be tough. It does not always bring in steady money, and you might have to brave several battles to reach the top spot. In layman’s terms, it is not for everybody. Carving a niche for yourself in a market that does not guarantee success, which does not even ensure an unvarying means of livelihood, can scare many of you even before you consider it as a long term career choice. But if you have made up your mind about foraying into this domain, you must try to acquire some skills that will help you realise your potential as a real estate agent. Though every agent might has their own way of working, you can always make use of some of the ground rules that never fail. As you make progress and start getting the hang of how this domain functions, you will find yourself building your conventions. However, until that happens, we have some points to consider.

Learn to Initiate:

You must take the initiation to find new clients, chase leads and strike conversations. You are not going to get clients by daydreaming and doing nothing. You have to get moving and establishing contacts. That is the only way you can hope to begin. Therefore, initiation is a key skill that you have to acquire if you are not already blessed with it.

Develop Good Communication Skills:

Develop Good Communication Skills
It is known for a fact that people with excellent communication skills can get through almost everything in life. While communication is not the only criteria to make it big in life, it is undoubtedly a significant factor. If you have big plans for your real estate career, then you must develop communication skills. Developing communication skills does not mean that you must be able to speak Shakespearean monologues without breathing in between. It only means to be able to put your plans and thoughts across to your audience. While being fluent in a language has perks of its own, it is not just fluency alone that can get you through to your target group.

Be a Good Listener:

Understanding the pulse of your audience plays a major role in determining your career as a real estate agent. If you are not aware of what clients want in this market, you cannot possibly carve a successful career for yourself as an agent. One of the best ways to ensure that you understand your clients is by being a good listener. Listen to what your clients have to say. Do not be a chattering individual with no regards for other people’s needs and specifications. A good agent must frame the right questions to elicit as much as information he/she can from the client. Once you are aware of all that your client wants, you can put your plans into action. If it is only you who is doing all the talking, your clients will feel ignored, and this shall go against you.

Study The Topography Like The Back Of Your Hand:

How can you possibly get the best deals for your clients if you do not have the first knowledge of the area that you are dealing with? Make an effort to pick up every single scent of the locality like a trained bloodhound, so that when your clients have queries regarding a specific area, you can quickly resolve them and serve them with the best deal.

Know Your Customers’ Selling Intent:

Everyone has some or the other intention behind selling their property. Some of your clients might want to be reticent about their purpose behind selling. But remember that there is always a latent selling intention, even if your clients do not want to be open about it. You must try to understand if your customer wants to sell the property to make a better purchase. You must understand if they want to invest in the property alone. You must also try to understand if your customer wants to keep living in this property or sell it off at some point in their lives. Once you have your answers to all these questions, any transaction will seem like a piece of cake. You can also learn from the best resources online too, if you have the patience and passion for looking them up.

Understand your Client’s Time Constraint:

Understand your Client’s Time Constraint
You have to acknowledge the fact that your clients are busy people and have time constraints of their own. Therefore, you must make it a point to work according to the time frame of your client, especially if you are a budding real estate agent. There are thousands out there ready to take your place in the blink of an eye. Therefore, do not be nonchalant about this and try to squeeze in as much time as possible for your customers. This does not mean that you have to let go of your personal life. It only means to be available for your customers and strike a balance between work and personal life. It might take time but shall eventually grow on you.


Considering a career in real estate is as risky as it can get. But that should not deter your spirit and bog you down. You must keep the passion alive if you really want to prove your mettle and stay determined and patient. The best things come to those who wait.