Outdoor ceiling fans serve to be a good means of refreshing yourself on your deck or patio. This is especially true for hot summer evenings when its too hot too stay indoors and you’d like to be in fresh air. Sitting outdoors can be tough without a fan providing adequate air flow overhead. In such conditions, ceiling fans built for outdoors come to your rescue in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner.

Much cheaper to run and install in comparison to air conditioners, such fans can keep you cool for hours in a row. However, given the many options of outdoor ceiling fans available for better outside ventilation, it’s essential to keep certain factors of purchase in mind. They will help you get the most out of your investments. Given below are some primary points of consideration that cannot be done without while choosing outdoor ceiling fans.

Where Will the Fan be Installed?

Where Will the Fan be Installed
Will you be installing your ceiling fan in a ‘wet’ or ‘damp’ area? As per the definition provided by Underwriters Laboratories, installing a fan with a ‘damp’ UL rating means that you have chosen to put it under a porch or a roof. The ceiling fan will be exposed to harsh weather conditions – such as rain, water, or snow- directly. On the other hand, the fans with UL rating of ‘wet’ are capable of enduring direct contact and exposure to water elements; they are sealed to withstand the adverse impacts of humidity, rain, and high-moisture conditions.

In the process of installing your ‘wet’ rating ceiling fan, you must have the proper hardware in place beforehand. Specialized hardware is required for protecting the internal parts of the ceiling fan, along with its electrical connections, from any direct exposure to water. Any carelessness or oversight in this regard would impact the work efficiency of the outdoor fans.

The Type of Mount to Use

In order to figure out the best type of mount for your outdoor fan, you need to determine the height of the ceiling from the floor. The measurement would help you ascertain the type of mount that would be best for your front deck, farmhouse, or patio. You may want to check out different types of mounts for outdoor ceiling fans, such as a down rod, closed mount, or a hugger mount to do justice to the installation.

Minimum Fan Clearance – What is it?

There are a few standard measurements that have to be kept in mind while mounting ceiling fans, both indoors and outdoors. The same measurement would come in handy when you are in the process of choosing the size of the outdoor ceiling fans of your preference. For instance, it’s recommended that the fan is installed at a minimum distance of one foot or 12 inches from the top of the ceiling. The nearest wall should be located at a minimum distance of 24 inches from the tip of the fan blade. This distance would give adequate space to the fan to provide optimum air flow to all parts of the room. Another norm to be followed in relation to the installation of an outdoor ceiling fan is that it should be placed at least 7 feet above the ground for the safety of users.

Size of Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Use

Size of Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Use
The next question that needs to be addressed relates to the size of the fans in the reckoning. What’s the perfect size of ceiling fans for your outdoor spaces? For this, you have to ascertain the overall size of the area that you would like to cool with the help of your newly installed fan. A larger area would require a larger sized fan to provide adequate air flow. Here’s a rundown on the best size of ceiling fan that can be used for cooling the corresponding outdoor area.

  • A 36-inches ceiling fan is needed for cooling a 144 square feet room.
  • A 42-inches ceiling fan is needed for cooling a 225 square feet room.
  • A 52-inches ceiling fan is needed for cooling a 325 square feet room.

Style of Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Ask yourself, “What’s the best style and design of ceiling fan that you’d like to have outdoors?” It is essential for the fan’s design to blend to perfection with the scheme and décor of your porch. For instance, if you are the proud owner of a Victorian style porch, you’d want a conventional looking fan to do justice to its vintage look. A contemporary style outdoor ceiling fan would conflict with the aesthetics of the porch and your overall setup.

Alternatively, if you possess a Tuscan-style outdoor dining area, then it would be a good idea to have a rustic style ceiling fan to add more value to its aesthetics. Do you have contemporary outdoor spaces with a modern or futuristic look? The décor of such spaces is best enhanced by modern-style ceiling fans. The idea is to remain committed to the overall décor of the space so that there’s no conflict between the fixtures and furniture pieces in the area and the ceiling fan.

Material and Color of Ceiling Fans Installed Outdoors

In case you want the ceiling to blend to perfection with the outdoor ceiling fan, choose one in solid color. The color of the fan should be the same as the color of the ceiling. On the other hand, if you want the fan to stand out and be the highlight of the porch or deck, choose a style and color that’s bold and contrasting with the ceiling color. Most outdoor fans are manufactured from powder coated metal. This material is vulnerable to rusting with the passage of time when installed outside.

Stainless steel or aluminum would be the best style of ceiling fans for outdoor usage. Even though the stainless-steel colored fans require regular upkeep and maintenance, they don’t develop tea stains that keep appearing like rust. The most hassle-free of all ceiling fans for outdoors – in terms of cleaning and keeping them rust-free – are the aluminum ceiling fans. Choose accordingly.

Why do you Need an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Cool comfort and a sense of refreshing breeziness are the primary reasons for installing outdoor ceiling fans. The other benefits of mounting a fan in your patio, gazebo, or any other outdoor space are as follows:

  1. Creation of breeze: The enclosed or covered spaces of your home’s exterior serve as perfect areas to get relief from the sun and mosquitoes. In case such areas are enclosed, then with less scope of breeze passing through, they would soon become stuffy and humid. Outdoor ceiling fans are what you need to give the perfect solutions for such spaces.
  2. Addition of Flairs: Be it in the form of outdoor lighting or the inclusion of hardscapes, the inclusion of extra elements is usually for two main reasons – function or form. You can attain both these elements with the help of classic or contemporary outdoor ceiling fans, as per your requirements and taste.

Install a Good-looking Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Taking note of these essential requirements can guide your purchase of outdoor ceiling fans fitfully. Invest adequate time in researching upon ceiling fans of different designs, styles, and shapes to find the most appropriate one for your needs. With the right inputs in place, you’ll find it easy to invest in a good-looking fixture that’ll enhance the overall beauty of your outdoors. Get ready to buy the perfect fan to make your outdoors more enjoyable in the coming season. Start looking for the best ceiling fans for your outdoors, right away!