During the Great Fire of 1889, it wiped out most areas in Seattle. But the people started over again and built their city on a raised street level. That makes downtown Seattle famous by building a city on another city, making the place more industrialized.

Living in this town gives a lot of benefits to almost everybody. Community developers understand the demand of the modern-day people, and that is a home that can keep up with their busy lifestyle.

A luxury condo in downtown Seattle is readily available to provide the convenience and comfort you are looking for.

If you are considering luxe condo living, here are some things you need to put on your checklist.

Amenities and common areas

The hallmark of condo living, which is living within a community, is the common area. These shared spaces include hallways, stairways, pools, roadways, and lawns.
Amenities and common areas
In a luxury condo, these areas are well lit, spacious, clean, and safe. Also, condo owners are looking for amenities that cater to their health and wellness, such as spas, tennis courts, gyms, etc.

A condo in Downtown Seattle can provide you with these amenities without the need to travel. You will achieve a healthy lifestyle within the fitness studios and health clubs in your building.

Square footage

It is an essential consideration when shopping for a luxury condo in downtown Seattle. A condominium does not have a storage shed or attic for your things. You need to know the square footage of a condo, particularly if you plan to have an extra bedroom or home office in it. Further, find out how much it will cost you to acquire that extra space.

Top-of-the-line appliances and fixtures

While you do not have the guarantee that the luxury condo has all the appliances you want, those that are available should be high-quality ones.

Most condominiums in downtown Seattle have top of the line appliances suitable for condo living. Opt for quality refrigerators, TVs, microwaves, stainless steel ranges, etc.

Moreover, the fixtures of the condo should serve their purpose with a touch of class. It includes doors, bathroom fixtures, and so on.

Storage space

Storage space
When looking for a condo in downtown Seattle, consider the storage space that can house your things. Make sure it is big enough to meet your needs. Check the closets, kitchen cabinets, and corridors.

Parking areas

One of the crucial priorities of a condo investment is the parking facility. It should be easy for you to park within the complex or in nearby buildings. An excellent condo will assign a parking slot for every unit holder and label them accordingly. Usually, the number of allotted slots depends on the number of bedrooms in a condo unit.

High-tech security

You will want enough security in your condo. Thus, it includes 24-hour security camera and video surveillance, locked exterior doors, security personnel, manned gatehouses, and well-lit areas. All this guarantees ample safety and security to condo owners and their properties.
High-tech security
A luxury condo in downtown Seattle is a great living space in these present times. The location is vibrant and beautiful within the proximity of other establishments and amenities. Remember to do some research before you sign any contract to make sure you purchase the right luxury condo according to your lifestyle and preferences.