An essential aspect in industrial applications, warehouses, and areas where restricted access is needed, consider these tips when buying a swing gate.

Do you own an industrial building? Do you manage a warehouse? Chances are, these places come with areas where restricted access applies.

Businesses restrict certain areas for security reasons. Unfortunately, evildoers are becoming wilier than ever. Studies reveal that retailers lose over $13 billion worth of goods on theft annually.

Furthermore, private buildings and facilities spend over $3,370 in addressing a single vandalism incident. Thankfully, solutions like a security swing gate are available.

But not all security gates are the same.

With all the different types of security gates available, how can you pick the best one? Continue reading below as we discuss a few guidelines that will help you choose the right safety gate for your business.

Tips for Buying the Best Security Swing Gate

Buying a security swing gate is not as easy as you think it is. There are essential factors to consider. Let’s take a closer look at the essentials when buying a swing gate.

Determine the Purpose

Tips for Buying the Best Security Swing Gate
First, you need to determine your purpose for buying a security gate. Some install security gates to manage those who can enter their premises. Some, on the other hand, use security gates to protect valuable items.

Others require gates as compliance for particular regulations. Do you prefer a specific locking mechanism? Are you dealing with substantial items that demand the use of heavy-duty swing gates?

These factors play a crucial role in the kind of gate you are going to buy.

Mind the Space and Location

When it comes to choosing the material of your gate, you should also consider the space and location where you want to install the swing gate. For instance, if you are planning to install a security gate outdoors, rain and humidity are your biggest challenges.

Thus, invest in a swing gate that can withstand the outdoor elements. Galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are excellent materials for this. These are corrosion-resistant and will give you decades of service.

On the flip side, if you need a gate for indoor security, a steel swing gate will suffice.

When it comes to spacing, make sure to get the exact measurements of the area of installation. You want to install a gate that fits perfectly with the available clearance. Keep in mind that swing gates are similar to regular doors.

They swing whenever you open or shut them. Generally, swing gates move in a 90-degree arc. They can also turn inwards or outwards.

Additionally, you can go for swing gates that have one or two leaves.

Consider the Operation

You should also consider the gate operator. Typically, an actuator or harmonic arm takes care of operating the gate. For warehouses and extensive facilities, harmonic arm operators work best.
Consider the Operation
These operators can handle gates that are heavy and sturdy. Moreover, this operator sits on the ground, particularly on top of a cement pad. This helps ensure its stability.

If you only require low-cycle applications, then an actuator will suffice. The actuator arm connects on a pillar or fence on one side and to the gate on the other. Unlike the harmonic arm, the actuator doesn’t rest on the ground.

Quality Materials Are a Must

The materials of the security gate account for a big part of its performance and longevity. Check the quality of the hardware of the gate. You want to go for something durable and meets your requirements for reliability.

Also, check the quality. Inspect every edge and angle of the gate before buying. Go for products that showcase excellence even on the small and subtle details.

Make sure the measurements are correct. See to it that there are no sharp edges. Ensure that there are no misalignments of any sort.

If the manufacturer claims that they used stainless steel for the gate, ask for certification.

Your Industry Requirements

Another factor to consider is the industry requirements. Find out if you need to comply with any industry requirements. If you belong in the food industry, the FDA may restrict you from using other gates aside from stainless steel.

Check with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Find out their requirements on security gates for your industry. Even if OSHA doesn’t require yellow gates, it is wise to go for one.
Your Industry Requirements
Investing in a swing gate with bright colors makes it more visible especially at night.

The Actual Installation

Before buying any gate, clarify with the manufacturer as to who will handle the installation. There are cases wherein security gates require simple installation. This depends, however, on the nature of the location.

The key is to ensure the safety of the person installing the gate. If your staff can handle the installation, you may allow them to do so. But make sure they have all the tools and safety gear to perform the installation.

But if you can afford to spare a little more, hire a professional to take over the installation. If the manufacturer offers it for free, don’t hesitate to take the offer.

Tried and Tested

Last but not least, make sure that people have already tried and tested the gate you are looking to buy. This is important considering the OSHA’s load requirements. Even if the gate features durable steel, make sure it goes through the test.

Some of the critical parts that affect the performance and safety of the gate include the hinges, springs, and stoppers.
Tried and Tested
Before parting with your money, request proof of testing from the manufacturer.

Enhance Your Security Further

By following the tips above, you will find a security swing gate that your company deserves. Be patient during your search. Don’t settle automatically for the cheapest one you see.

Perform your due diligence before finalizing your decision.

As for your other security needs, continue researching how to protect your physical and virtual valuables. We encourage you to check our different articles on various security products. We present comparisons and reviews that aim to help you make better purchases.