It’s that time you have been waiting for—the time to renovate your bathroom, and to do this successfully, you are going to need a number of attributes; namely a good imagination, a budget, a good designer and builder and, importantly, decisive actions on the fittings you choose.

Knowing which fittings to choose can take a lot of deliberation, so settling on what is right for you early on in the process will ensure plain sailing throughout the renovation process. Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing the fittings for your new bathroom.


Sinks, perhaps surprisingly, come in many shapes and sizes. From freestanding units, those embedded in tile shelving, or floating sinks, you should consider which will fit into the aesthetic of your room the most.

Keeping a sink clean is another factor, and it may be beneficial for you to have a smaller-sized model that will be easier to clean, or a stainless steel or stone model that shows dirt far less than white porcelain.


The bathtub is the centerpiece of your bathroom. Whether it actually resides in the center of the room, however, is another matter. Focal points do not have to be physically central and many bathtubs are perfectly capable of being imposing and grand to the side or in the corner of the room. You could also attempt to place it somewhere that gives you a view while you bathe, which would add to the stress-relieving and positive effects that bathing has on your mood.

This layout will likely depend on size. If your space and budget allows, choosing a large bathtub will allow for more relaxing, spacious bathing space, perhaps even for more than one person at a time.

Towel Rails

A fitting that perhaps does not get the lengthy consideration that it deserves is the towel rail. Towel rails house your bath and hand towels—which should be washed weekly—and heated ones can warm them up before you wake up so that stepping out of the shower in the morning is that little bit more bearable.

The towel rail that you choose should be sleek and aesthetically pleasing, without standing out too starkly from the tiling behind it. The greater the numer of people who use your bathroom, the bigger your towel rail will need to be in order to accommodate the high usage.


Getting your shower right is just as—if not more—important as choosing your bath. Most people tend to shower more than they bathe, so ensuring you opt for a powerful, reliable, and spacious shower unit is essential. Those looking for this should click here for bathroom renovation solutions that will guarantee that you get the fittings and professional finish you desire.


Finally, choosing the flooring can have a huge impact on the end result, and the cost, of your new bathroom.

Underfloor heating is increasingly desirable and makes using the bathroom on cold mornings far more enjoyable. It should be taken into account, however, how much extra cost this will likely add to your project, as plain tiles are sure to be much cheaper.