If bathroom renovation time is rapidly approaching, you’re probably having the time of your life planning the new layout and there are many decisions to make. This article offers you the pros and cons of a corner or an alcove shower, both of which are appealing.

Corner Shower

If you have a small bathroom, a corner shower unit is the obvious solution, with the shower unit having two internal walls and two glazed panels.


  • Space-Saving – Obviously, a corner shower is ideal for a small bathroom.
  • More Spacious – Using glass makes the room appear larger.
  • Works in a straight-line space.


  • Claustrophobic – A corner shower can feel a bit claustrophobic.
  • Frames Are Not Suitable – Seamless glass is the best solution. 

Talk to the in-house bathroom designer in Twickenham or at your local bathroom store. You will get an exact calculation of the dimensions, which is a start to helping you make the right choice for your new bathroom.

Alcove Shower

The definition of an alcove shower is one wall and three outer sides, which would have glass panels. This would typically be located in the middle of a wall, which is ideal for a long, narrow bathroom. This style is not exclusive to small bathrooms, you can design a long walk-in shower, which many people prefer.


  • Huge Choice Of Designs – The alcove shower is growing in popularity and there are so many different designs.
  • Can Use Shower Curtains – If the curtains are long enough, they can be put inside the shower ridge, keeping the room dry.
  • Shower/Bath Combination – If you can’t be without a bath, you can combine it with your alcove shower.


  • Less Natural Light – In most cases, an alcove shower reduces the amount of natural light, by the nature of its design.
  • Unsuitable For Narrow Spaces – A narrow bathroom requires a corner shower, as too much floor space is lost with an alcove shower.

Whether you go for a corner or alcove shower, going for bespoke solutions is recommended. Visit bathroom showrooms Farnham or your city has and see what they have on offer. The top brands of digital hot water on demand systems are there to see and try and if you need installation, they have you covered.

The Benefits Of A Digital Shower

Aside from saving energy, a digital shower has some powerful features; it can remember your favourite water temperature and you can adjust the showerhead for a range of experiences. Technology has come a long way regarding showers and hot water on demand is cheaper than heating a tank. An element inside the unit heats the water as it passes through, giving you the perfect shower experience.

It’s all about making the best use of space and creating a bathroom that you want to spend time in. While the Internet is great for getting design ideas, you really do need to go to a bathroom showroom to actually buy stuff. The staff are very much into helping customers with their design and if you’re ordering for a renovation, free delivery is probably on the menu.