Organizing and showing off your prized handmade mug collection in the best possible way can add some charm and real character to your living space. You can turn your mug collections into a visually arresting focal point in your home by implementing one or more of these creative ideas. Play around with various display options and arrangements to choose the ideal arrangement that highlights your mugs and complements well with your overall home decor style.

The essence of exploring the various display and storage options is that your mug collection reflects your creativity and personality. Different display methods will elevate the look of your space and turn your profiles into conversation starters and decorative pieces. By creatively utilizing the following ideas, you can turn your mugs into the center of attraction in your home.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to creatively display and store your beloved handmade mug collection:

Pegboard Mug Wall

Transform a blank wall into an engaging pegboard display. Attach the pegboard to the wall and creatively hang your mugs making use of hooks or pegs. Sort them by color, size, or theme for a well-designed and visually attractive arrangement.

Floating Shelves with Individual Displays

Opt for floating racks for your mug collection individually. Utilize stands or small racks on these floating units to highlight each face, creating depth and visual interest.

Storage unit or Tabletop Display

Repurpose a vintage buffet or cabinet to exhibit the mugs you cherish. Show them off on exposed shelves or behind glass doors, complementing the display using ornamental components such as artwork or plants.

Wall-Mounted Mug Racks

Save space by installing racks that dangle below shelves or cabinets. These racks, whether simple hooks or specially designed holders, not only optimize space but also add an unexpected charm to the underside of your cabinets. You can use such to show off your high-quality mugs from Supper Club, or other reputable handmade mug makers.

Customized Wooden Mug Tree

Craft or purchase a wooden mug tree. These trees typically feature multiple branches or pegs to have your mugs on display elegantly. Think about staining or painting the wood to match your décor.

Tavern Mug for Coffee Display

Utilize the display cabinet for your mugs at your coffee or beverage bar. Arrange them on a stylish tray, shelf, or wall rack next to the coffee machine or brewing station, establishing a warm and functional display.

DIY Wall Grid Organizer

Create a personalized wall grid using wire grids or metal mesh panels. Hang the mugs on the grid. Enhance the grid with small racks or baskets to hold extra coffee accessories or decorative elements.


The array of display options, be it the dynamic versatility of floating shelves or the evocative allure of vintage cabinets, provides a unique canvas for your creativity. Every method champions the distinctiveness of your handcrafted mug collection, imprinting your space with character and uniqueness.

You can use the potential of these display options to transform your home into a personalized haven, where each mug tells a story and contributes to the ambiance. Embrace these opportunities to infuse your living space with an engaging charm that reflects your individuality. Your imagination can turn ordinary displays into extraordinary showcases, amplifying the allure of your cherished mug collection.