Are you looking into purchasing a home safe with fire protection on? The protection of documents such as deeds, wills and passport is important to any family.

The loss of any documents can cause upset as these cannot be replaced.

Designer Safes with Fire Protection On

Your requirement to protect cash and valuables within the home might also have the additional need for fire protection. You may naturally think that a fireproof safe would look industrial and unappealing in any modern home.

But safe suppliers and designers now take the look and design into each fireproof safe before manufacturing.   

How does a fireproof safe work?

A fireproof safe will have a different manufacturing process in comparison to a normal safe that has limited or no fire protection.

The filling materials and thickness used will differ depending on the fire protection requirements for each safe. The wall size on a fireproof safe will always be bigger in comparison to a safe with no fire rating.

The temperature levels inside a fireproof safe will need to be contained under a specific temperature based upon what is being stored inside. The storage of items inside the safe will vary depending on the maximum temperature that it can go up to.

Before making a purchase for a fireproof safe online, please make sure that you decide on what type of product is required to be stored within the safe. As each one has a different temperature that it will combust at.

Different Maximum Temperatures

  • Digital Media – 120c
  • Paper – 175c
  • Computer Data – 52c

What safe size should I look at?

A key decision when you are looking to buy a fireproof safe are the dimensions externally and internally. The external dimensions need to be checked as you may have a limited area or space to place the safe within your home.

The internal dimensions are also important as you may have certain items that are a specific size and need to fit inside the safe. 

We would highly recommend to measure the area that you are planning to position the safe before purchase.

Combined insurance rating and fire protection

As you might be looking to secure your cash and valuables within a safe, you will need to consider if there is an insurance rating that you need to meet for your insurance company. 

There is a vast range of fireproof safes with a good level of cash and valuables protection included. The most common insurance rated safe for the home is £4,000 / £40,000.

Locking Type Options

A Fireproof safe will differ in terms of the lock type available, choosing the right one for your home is important. The various locking options on fireproof safe are below: 

  • Key Lock
  • Electronic Lock
  • Key and Electronic Combination
  • Fingerprint Lock

Fire Protection and Length

Each fireproof safe will have different ratings in terms of the minutes that they have been tested against. The length of protection starts at 30 minutes with the other options at either 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.


The best way to make the purchase of a fireproof safe easier is to simplify your options available to you.

When working out what type of safe you require, making accurate measurements externally and internally is one of the main factors. This will then help you eliminate safes that physically won’t fit in the space that you are planning to use.

Please also consider if you require an insurance rating along with the locking type needed.

If you require help in the selection of a fireproof safe, ask an industry expert. Contact the team at SimplySafes.