Brooms are an essential part of any home or office space. They are cheap, easy to use and make and keep your surroundings clean.

Despite their simplicity, they come in various sizes and types. Here we will discuss the different types of brooms and their usages. So read on to know more.

Types of Brooms

To start, we will list the most common types of brooms out there before diving into the different uses. Brooms are mainly of the following types:

  • Soft Brooms
  • Hard Brooms
  • Push Brooms
  • Angle Brooms
  • Rubber Brooms
  • Water Brooms
  • Hand Brooms.

Different Uses of Soft Brooms

First off, we bring you a very widely popular and common type of broom called the soft broom. They are made from natural fiber and tend to have a fan-like shape. The bristles at the end can be constructed from different materials, but grass and corn husks are the most common materials.

The two different materials can alter the use of the broom. The grass is quite soft and is ideal to clean indoor spaces, such as floors, corners, and ceilings.

However, brooms made of corn husk are noticeably harder and coarser. They are useful for cleaning outdoors and outdoor spaces such as garages and pavements. Corn brooms are excellent for sweeping large objects around the floor, but they are not useful for cleaning dust.

Different Usages of Hard Brooms

Hard brooms have tougher bristles than their soft counterparts. They can be made with different materials too, but coconut bristles are a common choice of material, especially in South Asian countries.

They are very useful for cleaning through cracks and corners, as they are able to access those hard to clean areas quite efficiently.

Another use for them is cleaning spaces where using a vacuum cleaner is not possible.

Diverse Uses of Push Brooms

As the name implies, this type of broom can be pushed manually to clean spaces. The bristles at the end can be made of both artificial and natural materials.

While some countries opt for natural bristles made of fiber, plastic bristles are becoming a preferred choice worldwide. The bristles are quite sturdy and do not come off easily.

Push brooms are ideal for cleaning or sweeping large spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Because it is made with a large head, it is the first choice for many when it comes to cleaning large spaces. It will help you get the job done fast and smoothly.

Various Practices of Angle Brooms

All the brooms discussed thus far have straight head alignments. However, the angle broom is unique in the sense that it has an angled or tilted head alignment.

In construction, they are similar to the soft brooms we discussed earlier, but the bristles are usually made of plastics.

Note while the broom head may be angled, the bristles are equal in length and work in tandem. Angle brooms are an excellent choice for cleaning corners in kitchens, bathrooms, and libraries.

Most brooms are unable to reach difficult corners, and the angle broom circumvents this problem. However, they are primarily suited for small enclosed spaces and not large ones.

Versatile Uses of Rubber Brooms

One of the newest developments in the cleaning sector, rubber brooms are now becoming quite popular due to increased demands.

The key advantage of this type of broom is their rubber bristles, which rarely comes off. Other than that, it is also highly versatile and can be used on any surface with ease.

The Uses of Hand Brooms

Hand brooms are a common sight in every household, and rightfully so. They come with a dust collector to help you collect dust.

Hand brooms are useful for the quick cleaning in small spaces, such as cleaning broken glass or removing dust from tabletops.

Different Uses of Water Brooms

This is a broom used by large industries and is not suitable for everyday household use. The water broom can spray water from its headpiece and acts like a hose.

It’s useful for quick cleaning and disinfecting public spaces such as parking lots.


All the brooms discussed here are widely and readily available in the market. Now that you know about different usage of brooms, go ahead and buy the right one for yourself!