Microfiber cloths.

A combination of micro fiber fabrics in different colors is at the top of my list for good reason. A damp micro fiber cloth is a great way to reduce household dust. Unlike feather fog or these disposable items, a wet micro-fiber cloth holds onto the soil: clean and rinse the cloth to remove dust from your home. They are adept at cleaning counters or appliances, polishing tiles or glasses, even removing pet hair. Use one color for the bathrooms, the other for the kitchen, and the third one everywhere in the house.

A double-duty stick:

A double-duty stick
Even if you have hard flooring, you still need a vacuum, and a combination wand / hand space is essential. Get rid of your hands and pets’ hair ropes, help refresh your mattress, and make your car’s interior look good. Use it as a stick space in the kitchen, and you don’t have to deal with the annoying line between broom and dustpan. Give your house mats a sharp break every two days, and you’ll crush the mess inside the house as well.

An extension dusting kit:

Regular washing of roofs and walls can dramatically improve indoor allergies, but it’s painful unless you’re too tall or like stopping nearby stools. An extended dusting kit works short of tasks, with chandeliers, light fixtures, even the tops of kitchen cabinets. Shake it outside or rinse it in the sink, and you know that the dust has gone out of your house.

Spray bottles for homemade cleaners:

A set of inexpensive spray bottles lets you create and store household cleaning products so that you stop refilling your indoor air. They make clothes wrong before ironing, and they train pets to stay away from furniture.

A scrub brush:

The list of things you need a cleansing brush for is not nearly finished. Use it to take a stiff stain away from car mats, garage floors or cement patios. Clean flower pots and garden tools. Cut through the walls of your fireplace. Remove the grout, clean garbage cans, dry sludge from under your shoes. Is your picture
A scrub brush

White cleaning cloths:

Although microfiber fabrics are my go-to for cleaning, there are times when you need something else. For example, a clean white cloth is essential when removing carpet or cloth stains, as colored fabrics can move their complexion and worsen anxiety. Microfiber cloth should not be used with bleach, but a white cotton cloth holds it.

Lint roller:

A lint roller is certainly great at removing pet pets from hair, but it’s also a fantastic tool for cleaning other things around the house. Use to sweep and quickly dust off. Run a lint roller on the lamp shades to clean them. Dropped the glass on the floor? Pick the larger ones, then run a small roller so you don’t see the little things.

A ceiling fan cleaning brush:

Put the ceiling fan sweep over your extension pole to clean both sides of the blade in one swipe. The stiff branches of the brush are also very good at removing popcorn ceilings and lifting litter from the back of the dryer. Check out robots.net for more such robotic appliances and best things.