The bathroom is among the most intimate areas of your home. You want to feel good, relax and enjoy your time in the bathroom whenever you use it. Whether you are building from scratch or renovating your bathroom after buying a home, you need careful planning and consideration to help you create your perfect bathroom. Here are five tips for planning your dream Texas bathroom to help you bring your ideas to life.

1. Create a Budget

A budget keeps your spending under control so you don’t break the bank on frivolous details or spend little on the areas you should prioritize. It also determines the overall outcome of your dream bathroom by informing your choice of professionals and materials. Note that high-quality materials and services don’t always come cheap.

When creating a budget, set aside an emergency fund to cater to unforeseen expenses that may come up along the way. These funds protect you from delays or financial shock that comes with unexpected changes like price hikes or material loss, or damage.

Also, write a list of what you must have in your dream bathroom and what can wait. Doing so gives you a better picture of your priorities, what you can splurge on, as well as room for flexibility on the non-essentials.

2. Choose Your Layout

You want a bathroom that is as functional as it is beautiful. To create the perfect balance, decide on the location of features like the bathtub, shower, vanity mirror, and toilet. It is crucial to measure your space to ensure your bathroom features fit perfectly. The last thing you need is your door banging against your toilet bowl when you open it or the bathtub being too big for your bathroom space.

To make your work easier, organize your bathroom into different functional zones. For example, you can subdivide your bathroom to create a vanity area with a countertop and mirrors, a bathtub section, a shower section, and a toilet section. Keep the following in mind when creating your bathroom’s layout:

  • The bathroom’s appearance from the entrance
  • The bathroom’s focal point. This can be the bathtub, vanity mirror, or a well-decorated and designed shower area.
  • Comfort. Every functional zone should have enough space for comfortable use.
  • Don’t skimp on storage. Allocate enough space for your bathroom essentials such as towels, toothbrushes, and soaps.

Usually, the location of the toilet sets the tone for the layout. Before remodeling an existing bathroom, find out whether your design will interfere with existing plumbing and wiring. After creating your ideal bathroom’s layout the rest of the details can easily fall into place.

3. Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

Low-maintenance materials that you can easily take care of are your best bet when planning your bathroom. These materials are suitable for family bathrooms with a lot of traffic. You can also use them if you don’t want to spend much time cleaning and attending to your bathroom or doing repairs.

While you have the options to splurge on luxuries, always go for materials that are easy to clean, durable, and resistant to moisture-related problems like mold and mildew.

  • Bathroom Tiles: Pick bathroom tiles that don’t require grout replacement often or regular sealing and buffing. Porcelain is an excellent low-maintenance option that can last you a lifetime. It is also versatile enough to fit either a traditional or contemporary bathroom space.  
  • Glass Shower Enclosure: Choose a glass shower enclosure that doesn’t show water spots. The same goes for water fixtures. Consider a glass enclosure with a protective layer that allows water to run off, so you don’t have to squeegee.
  • Cabinets and Countertops: Lastly, long-lasting cabinets for storage and durable countertops will give you value for your money. Although granite and quartz are both excellent for durable countertops, granite may require sealing at some point, making quarts a great choice.

The material you choose for your bathroom flooring should be non-slip even when wet and easy to clean, regardless of whether you opt for tile or vinyl.

4. Bathroom Colors and Lighting

The colors and lighting in your bathroom have a tremendous effect on its overall look. As you plan your dream Texas bathroom, decide the color scheme for your bathroom so you can shop intentionally. Note that dull colors can make a space look smaller, while brighter or warmer colors give the illusion of a bigger space.

Whether you envision a dull or bright bathroom, add contrasting colors and textures to break the monotony and create a dramatic effect. The good thing about colors is that you can have fun with them as long as they complement the overall style of your bathroom.

Adequate lighting is equally necessary for creating your perfect bathroom. Consider layering your lighting to include task lighting for grooming purposes and general visibility and mood lighting to set your bathroom ambiance and create a relaxing environment. Whenever possible, maximize natural lighting to minimize your reliance on artificial lighting.

The lighting’s location should also be appropriate so that it doesn’t cast shadows. Lighting with dimming options to control brightness is ideal for bathrooms next to a bedroom. This way, you minimize disturbances from bright light if you need to use the bathroom at night.

5. Work With Experts

Planning your dream bathroom is a personal affair as it creates an opportunity for your style and personality to shine. While doing it alone may seem like a cost-effective idea, you need professional help if you are going to build your dream bathroom successfully. Working with professionals in the field, such as interior designers, gives you access to the expertise and knowledge you need to make informed choices.

An interior designer can help you create a budget for your bathroom based on realistic market prices. They also know the best materials for your bathroom that offer both function and aesthetics, as well as layouts that work for your space size, usage, and function. Your interior designer can also help you plan for awkward spaces or angles in your bathroom.

A plumber or builder can help with advice on plumbing and piping when choosing a layout. Consulting a plumber or builder ensures that t your dream bathroom design does not interfere with the structures leading to complications like fire hazards or drainage issues.


It is only fair that you make your bathroom as comfortable, unique, and in line with your style and preferences as possible. The design should also add value to your home if you plan to sell it in the future. With the above tips, you can make smart choices to design your dream bathroom successfully!