The quality of your sleep and overall health are directly influenced by a crucial factor: your mattress.

When buying and maintaining a mattress, you are making an important investment for your well-being. Depending on the superiority of your mattress and the upkeep, it can live for five to ten years. More if you take good care of it. 

In this article, you will find useful tips to increase the lifespan of your mattress.  

Mattress cover/bed sheets

The use of bed sheets or mattress covers is key to keeping your mattress clean. Avoiding direct sunlight and dirt will help maintain good hygiene.

The right covers and sheets are also involved in providing you with better sleep, as they can affect your comfort levels. In addition, you can style your bedroom with it. Choose sheets representing your material preferences and colours. There is plenty of choice on the market. 

Change bedding once a week 

When you sleep, regardless if you take a shower or not before going to bed, you will sweat, and your bed cover will become dirty. Consequently, you need to change bedding at least once a week, more if required. You can also brush off any dirt from your sheet every day before bed. This will help maintain good hygiene, therefore, a longer life for your mattress.

Rotate and flip the mattress every few weeks

Humidity can bring mould if your mattress isn’t breathing enough. The best way to reduce this is simply to rotate and flip your mattress. You could also use air conditioning, especially if the air is humid in your bedroom, which will help dry out the room. 

Keep cleanliness

Every few months, you need to clean your mattress. Shake and bang it to get rid of most of the dirt, then wipe the dust from it and the bedspring. It will help you to add this task to your agenda so you keep track of it and make sure you do it often enough.

Your bedroom needs to be cleaned at least once a week so all dirt, pollutants, and germs stay away from your bed. Avoid eating in the bed or having your pets sleep in it. If you love sharing your bed with your beloved cat or dog, maybe place a special cover for them so you can easily clean it daily. 

Professional cleaning 

Every 12 months, it is highly recommended to get a professional cleaning for your mattress. Of course, if you get significant damage like urine, vomit, or any other big catastrophe, don’t hesitate to call a professional cleaner, as Grandma’s remedy can harm more than help! 

You can use dry or steam cleaning depending on your need. You can discuss it with the right professional. 


Now you understand how to keep your mattress hygienic for the best of your health and sleep. With all those tips, you should be able to give your mattress a long and healthy life!