If you’re planning to give your kitchen a new, modernized look within a constrained budget, you can try changing your countertop. As it occupies the central space in your kitchen, reinstalling a new one can transform its appearance to a great extent. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind while replacing your kitchen countertop. Let’s give you an idea regarding the same.

Selection of materials

Gone are the days when you had only one or two countertop options for your luxury kitchen. Besides marble and granite, you can now opt for quartz, silestone, quartzite, and many other natural and engineering countertops for enhanced appearance and improved functionality. Selecting a favorable countertop material should also depend on the type of space, classic or contemporary, and your budget. So make the choice accordingly.

Take a look at the benefits of some of the common countertop materials below:

  • Granite – Hard, durable, scratch and heat resistant
  • Quartz – Non-porous, moisture-resistant and easily cleanable
  • Quartzite – Fire, heat, and stain-resistant with the colors rarely fading away
  • Silestone – Heat and stain resistant, non-porous and antibacterial
  • Marble – Gorgeous-looking, affordable and timeless countertop material

The installation process

While many countertops can be installed easily, some others may require the skills of an expert. The finished countertop should be proper and seamless to take the appearance of your kitchen a notch up. Also, the professionals at A&S Home Interiors suggest that one should take the right measurements, cut the slabs lengthwise, and understand where to keep the sink opening to install the countertop perfectly. This apart, one should also reduce chipping by cutting slabs of marble, quartz, granite, and limestone upside down.

Dos and Don’ts during countertop installation

Installing countertops is anything but easy. You have to take several precautions to ensure that the end product is just the way you need it. To that end, the following dos and don’ts will help:

The Dos

  • Cover the windows and doors with plastic sheets, if the cutting and shaping is being done onsite
  • Empty the racks and cabinets in the kitchen to prevent the dust from settling on the items there
  • Install the cabinetry first, if it’s included in your kitchen remodeling endeavor
  • Don’t paint your walls or put up new wallpapers before installing the countertop
  • Discuss the placement of seams to achieve variations in designs, outlook, and finish, before installation
  • Keep your children, pets, and everyone else away from the installation site to remove distractions and reduce the chances of accidents

The Don’ts

  • Don’t forget to remove artwork on the walls, paintings, mirrors, or other delicate items from the kitchen before the installation work begins
  • Don’t install the countertop after installing flooring or cabinets, as the latter should be done before
  • Don’t forget to ask your contractor if they are comfortable installing the backsplash too, as the old one may not match the new look of the countertop
  • Don’t forget to plan your schedule, as the installation process can involve a lot of noise and disruptions in the household
  • Don’t forget to switch off electrical connections during the installation process

An expert contractor will keep all these things in mind before starting the work and leave you with no scope for complaint. However, the selection of the materials and some other considerations should be your call and you should do your research properly to make the right decisions. You can also pick multiple materials for your countertop to create unique designs. Discuss the right ways to go about it with the professionals.