There is nothing quite like a shiny, newly finished floor to brighten up a room, and with proper care and maintenance, hardwood flooring can last nearly a lifetime. 

While an adequate care regimen is an important part of extending the life of hardwood floors, traditional sanding methods can often be expensive, disruptive and damaging. Not only that, but the typical process of restoring a worn-out floor to its former glory involves making a mess most of us would rather avoid. 

How is flooring traditionally restored?

Using traditional intensive and invasive hardwood floor restoration methods, a technician begins by sanding down your floor. As this layer is sanded away, it creates a significant amount of dust that fills the air of your home and coats every surface with dust. That’s why everything in the house must be covered or removed. This even includes sealing the vents and ducts throughout your home to avoid the debris spreading throughout your home when the air conditioner or heater is turned on. Even after the project is complete and your home is cleaned up, you will likely be cleaning up lingering debris for months afterwards! 

To make matter worse, every time a hardwood floor is sanded closer to its core, it removes another crucial layer which can eventually lead to cracking once it becomes too thin. Once your floors have been sanded down to the “point of no return” you’ll have no other choice other than to tear them out and replace your flooring entirely. Not only is this an extremely expensive proposition, but the financial sting is made even worse when homeowners discover that they had other options they didn’t know about readily available to them.

What is the alternative? 

That is where sandless floor refinishing comes in! 

Just as the name implies, sandless refinishing involves absolutely no sanding or significant damage to your floor. Rather than leaving a mess of grit and dust, and sanding down precious layers of your floor, a machine with abrasive pads removes and absorbs surface debris from the floor using a liquid solution. This process, called wet burnishing, is an effective method of removing imperfections and making your floors look brand new – without the mess. Best of all, the liquid solution does an outstanding job of trapping and removing odors and debris to prevent contaminating the air or your furniture. 

A technician will then rinse the floor and apply a sealer to help protect your restored floor and give it some extra strength and an improved sheen. 

What are the benefits of sandless hardwood floor refinishing?

Sandless floor refinishing is a practical, convenient and budget-friendly method of restoring the vitality of a hardwood floor that is showing signs of minor wear and tear, but is otherwise in good condition. Regular sandless floor refinishing is a great and easy way to extend the life of your floor and keep it looking pristine for longer. The longer you can avoid sanding your hardwood floor, the longer you can delay the need to completely replace your flooring. 

As with many things, prevention is key! It’s always easier to regularly maintain your hardwood floor through sandless refinishing restoration than it is to have your floors sanded down when they become too damaged. 

Not only is sandless hardwood floor refinishing more cost-effective, but you can expect the job to be finished in just hours as opposed to the more traditional floor restoration method which can take days or even weeks, depending on the square footage of your home. 

Best of all, you can rest easy knowing you do not need to worry about closing off specific rooms, covering furniture to protect it from debris or even leaving your home while work is underway. This makes the entire process cleaner, faster, safer and easier for everyone.

Because this floor restoration method involves no sanding, virtually no dust is produced throughout the process. That means you can spend less time and money hiring a cleaning company to come in after the job to clean up the dusty residue on your floors, furniture and countertops and more time enjoying your restored hardwood floor! 

Interested in sandless hardwood floor refinishing? 

There are so many reasons to choose sandless floor refinishing for your next home maintenance project. You can also take advantage of a variety of resources that explain how to properly restore hardwood floors without sanding or simply reach out to an industry expert to help you make your hardwood floors shine like new again without the hassle or risk of trying to do it yourself.