If you have dreams of creating a modern and stylish home, you may have already looked into the possibility of hiring an international glazing company to improve the exterior of your home.

Structural glazing is a cost-effective solution that can completely transform the outside of your home, turning it from looking outdated to appearing at the height of sophistication.

Even if you don’t really know what structural glazing is, or have thought about adding it to your home, we’d definitely recommend doing some research and exploring different options for how it could be incorporated into your property.

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything about structural glazing: what it is, why it’s become so popular recently, and why you want to go with a structural glazing system for your next big home renovation project.

What is structural glazing?

Structural glazing is a type of curtain wall made of glass that can be bonded to the external facade of a building.

Using professional construction techniques, you’re able to create a completely clean, flush exterior appearance for a seamless glass look.

Glass has been used as a key architectural material for hundreds of years, but structural glazing is a somewhat new phenomenon that’s possible thanks to a range of modern-day technological advancements.

With structural glass, you can benefit from an incredible aesthetic appearance as well as a range of other cost-saving and energy-saving benefits.

Not only is glass an extremely durable material that is proven to stand the test of time, it also delivers optimal energy efficiency for your home, which is why it’s becoming such a popular material to use in new build properties and during home renovation projects.

What is structural glazing commonly used for?

You’ll normally see large, glass buildings as skyscrapers when you venture into the financial district of any big city, but the uses of glass are much more widespread—even if glass is most closely associated with sky-high buildings.

Glass can also be used to enhance the appearance of smaller buildings and residential properties, which is perfect for homeowners who want to increase the appearance of their house and bring it up-to-date with the latest design trends.

Glass box extensions are gradually rising in popularity as they offer an easy way to bring more light into the home and give the illusion of a lot more space, without the usual framework and structural limitations that you’ll experience with a traditional conservatory extension.

This impressive material can easily be used as the main material for an extension but also looks just as good when it’s used to create glass floors, glass ceilings, and frameless glass walls.

Whatever style you choose for your own home, you’ll benefit from limitless choices to customize your glass to fit your home’s needs and individual requirements.

Today, glass can be used in much the same way as any other building material, offering unmatched flexibility and style that suits a range of applications.

Why is structural glazing so popular?

Glass is becoming one of the most popular building materials at the moment, and for good reason. It comes with a range of benefits that have boosted the popularity of the material and opened building projects to a range of new opportunities.

The most obvious reason why people love glass is the increased amount of natural light that having a glass facade can bring to your home. With more light, you’ll be able to feel more comfortable and motivated at home, while optimising your overall sense of wellbeing – not to mention that the more natural daylight you get, the better your general health.

Also, rather than blocking us from our surroundings, glass walls can create a seamless feeling of being at one with nature. From your living room, you can look out at the nature around you, which creates a unique bond between the natural and built environment that’s hard to create with any other type of building material.

Structural glazing also has very environmentally friendly credentials, which makes it a sustainable option for your home. Perfect for keeping the heat trapped in your home on a cold day or maintaining a cool temperature when it’s feeling warm outside, glass is an excellent material.

By effectively maintaining the temperature of your home all year round, glass has the added ability to help you to prevent heat loss and keep your energy bills as low as possible throughout the year.

Finally, structural glazing can add a touch of modern luxury to any property, without sticking out from the other materials that you have used. Glass can complement a range of other building materials effortlessly to create a cohesive and stylish finish to your home.