Finasteride is gathering more and more followers as patients are now seeing results after patiently waiting for them, during their finasteride treatment journey. Go to Numan for 5mg tablets, plus, known more about this hair growth stimulator, along with FAQs regarding male pattern baldness below. 

1. Do I Stop Taking Finasteride After Seeing Hair Growth?

No. Although the rule of thumb is to always stick to your doctor’s prescription, the effects of finasteride will linger for only as long as you take the medication. This means that once you stop going for finasteride treatments, there’s a definite possibility of returning to your hair loss rate or status pre-treatment.

It’s due to this that having a prescribed treatment is most advantageous. Your medical physician will be able to plan it around your current health status, especially if you’re also taking other forms of medication for recurring bodily ailments. 

Nevertheless, it’s a must that you continue using finasteride granted that no complications arise along the way. And if complications do come up, immediately inform your physician. 

2. Should I Stop Taking Finasteride If I Don’t See Results After A Month?

Another crucial fact to take into account is that finasteride will take time before you see its effects. And even then, you’ll have to let about 6 months pass for said effects to be slightly noticeable. 

Don’t let this rate of efficacy worry you. Others even go as far as a year before they observe a thickening of some of the sparse portions on their scalp

Hence, be patient as you continue with your finasteride medication. And don’t forget to stay consistent with the dosage and schedule your doctor will prescribe. 

3. Does Taking Finasteride Have Side Effects?

Yes. Though just as finasteride’s results aren’t absolute, its side effects aren’t either. They frequently range from either one or all of the following: skin rashes/ redness, tenderness of the breast and/or a slight increase in their size, inability of the penis to stay erect during coitus (some classify it under erectile dysfunction), and lower sex drive. 

These may sound severe but you’ll be surprised to know that these are counted as “common” side effects. Don’t panic in the event that you experience these after ingesting finasteride. As you ease yourself into the treatment, the side effects should clear out after a few days to a few weeks. 

Now, among the serious and more rare side effects are the following: lumps in the breasts, nipple discharge, depression, swelling and/ or enlargement of parts of the face, lips, throat, and/ or tongue. 

Regardless of whether you’re experiencing “common” side effects or ones that are “severe”, constantly update your physician about them. Doing so will give your physician time to alter the treatment or perhaps stop it temporarily, before the side effects persist, or worsen. Some even advice that abnormal side effects are emergency cases and that you should call 911 at once. 

But this shouldn’t cause you great concern. As long as you have yourself diagnosed for any health ailments and warrant that your finasteride treatment is guided by your physician, you shouldn’t have to fret about abnormal-to-severe side effects.