Moving or relocation can be a stressful task; at least that’s what we have heard. Migrating to a new place can be dreadful for a lot of people. What can make it a lot less stressful is hiring a storage unit? If you use storage units to their full potential, they can make your work much more manageable and put a lot of load off your head. 

You would want to keep your furniture and other valuables safe when moving. Keeping stuff in your new house might be too risky because you might not be available there throughout the first couple of weeks or months. It’s also possible that your new place still has some renovations left which might stain your furniture. Whatever the reason might be, hiring a self-storage unit to store your valuables can be a great decision. You will have key access to it, and you can keep whatever you want and however, you like. 

Storage units are becoming increasingly common throughout the world. California, home to some of the USA’s most significant properties, has several commendable storage spaces offered at cheap rates. One Example can be the Cypress self storage in Orange County, California, which provides access to many storage units. The added benefits they mention include drive-up access, on-site management, and atmosphere controlling features for personal and business storage. However, after deciding upon a storage unit comes how to use the space in a storage unit? Assurance of safety is a priority. Below, we have discussed some useful tips on how you can utilize your storage space. 


It is imperative to choose the correct boxes for packing. Make sure to use cartons that will not tear or decompose. Also, always remember to pack heavier items like electronics, in smaller boxes and lighter items like blankets or pillow covers, in more giant boxes. If you are using big boxes instead, make sure you place the heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top of it. Do not overpack! Only pack your stuff inside a box to an allowed limit. If you overpack, there are chances the box might break because of the weight. It can also become strenuous lifting those boxes.


One essential tip is always to put tags on your items. Even if you have the memory of a fox, you may forget where you kept what, especially if you are planning on storing your items for an extended period. It will become much easier for you to search for your belongings with tags on each box whenever you need them. It is also a time-saving and effective method because you won’t have to search through a clutter of things. It is also a good idea to add ‘this side up’ labels on your boxes to avoid damaging any of your valuables. 


It goes without being said, but make sure you do not pack any perishable items in your storage unit. The list includes fruits or plants, especially if you plan to store your items for a long time. It can spoil and reek your storage unit. Moreover, rotten food items and items like plants can also attract a lot of bugs and rodents. You wouldn’t want to enter a storage unit filled with this much of a mess.


A great way to fully utilize your storage space is to install shelving. It can give you more room to store your items. It is also a great way to keep your valuables and belongings organized and in place. Having all your storage items cluttered on the floor together can make it extremely difficult to navigate through the unit. With shelves there to keep your stuff on, you can easily walk around your storage units and look for whatever item you need.  


Lastly, refrain from packing items that carry significant value, such as Jewelry, house art, or any other thing you deem valuable. Even though most of your items will be safe in a storage unit, mishaps like damaged or lost items can happen to anyone, anywhere. It will be too big a risk to take. It’s best always to have your most valued items closest to you, and since you will not be present at your storage unit at all times, keeping them there is probably not a good idea. It is always better to be cautious than be sorry later.


Moving is a difficult job. What makes it easy for you is making sure to be organized at all times. Always store your items smartly! Remember always to declutter your items and responsibly place them in a storage unit. In addition to ensuring your belongings’ safety and soundness, following the above tips, will help you utilize your storage space to its maximum. It might also hopefully make your moving task a bit easier and less stressful.