When you are living in a house that does not have traditional AC, you might choose split type units that can be used in multiple rooms. These units are typically made in a flat white color that makes them look like modern radiators. Continue reading to determine where you can put these units so that you have air flowing throughout the house.

1. The Living Room

When you come to a site like CoolRunningsDarwin.com.au, you will see units that are sized for different types of rooms. You need to take some basic measurements for your living room so that you know how big the unit should be. You can put one of these devices in the living room along the wall. Plus, you may point it so that it is blowing air into an adjoining room. Most houses have a front room or den connected to the living room, and you can cool both rooms with this device.
The Living Room

2. The Kitchen

You can put one of these devices in the kitchen to cool only the kitchen, or you may point the AC towards the dining room, or breakfast nook. Some homes have the kitchen attached to the laundry room, and you can cool the laundry room at the same time. Additionally, some kitchens are next to the living room. If you want to buy just one unit on the first floor, you can place the unit between these two rooms.

3. The Laundry Room

You may need to use one of these devices in the laundry room because it gets unbearably hot when you are trying to do laundry. Plus, this room might be attached to a bathroom or face a hallway in your house that gets very warm during the summer. The unit needs to be turned so that it can cool the areas of the house that need it most. Plus, you can keep the house cool by cooling the main hallway that feeds into each room. You are creating airflow in the house, and you do not necessarily need to put a unit in each bedroom.

4. The Basement

The basement might be one of the stuffiest parts of the house. You can put a split type unit in your basement to create airflow, and you could place it between two rooms in your basement to make sure that both rooms are cooled properly. Plus, some people have unfinished basements with large gaps between the rooms.
The Basement
You can put the split unit in the middle to help with the airflow. Most people who are trying to cool their basement need to make sure that they have found the ideal spot so that they can feel the air circulation in the basement. This is also helpful if you have a workshop in the basement.

5. The Office

You may have an office that gets stuffy because you are working in there all day. If you get a smaller split unit, you can put that unit in the office or near the window. Plus, you can place the unit near the doorway so that you can cool the hallway at the same time. You want to create as much airflow in the house as you can, and you must point the unit in the direction of another open space in the house.

You are promoting airflow in the house even though you are keeping the split unit in a single room. You also need to consider how you are cooling the office if you need to leave the door closed. You might use an attachment to allow air to flow under the door during the day.


The split unit that you use to cool your house should be selected to give you the very best airflow in each room. You can place these units between two rooms, and you can use them to ensure that each room remains cool when you are in there for long periods of time. You could buy a unit that is the appropriate size for one room, or you can get a larger unit that will force air into a hot room like the laundry room or kitchen. Moreover, you can get efficient units that do not use that much power.