It never fails. Even when you think you’re doing everything right, something seems to go wrong. It can be extremely disheartening when you’ve done everything necessary to maintain your oven and it still doesn’t work correctly. Then you can call a professional or you can also buy a new oven for your kitchen from They will help you to busy a perfect oven.

If you’ve been scrubbing off grease, maintaining the gas lines, and replacing the bulbs as needed and your oven is still making odd noises or burning your food to a crisp, there’s a good possibility there is a larger issue than oven cleanliness at hand.

Before you start blaming your cooking skills, make sure you rule out any mechanical problems in your stove. If there are problems, all you might need to do is call in a service engineer who will troubleshoot your problems.

Here are some signs that it is time to call in a professional.

Your oven won’t heat up at all

If your oven won’t turn on at all, don’t assume you need a new oven. What you need is someone who specializes in cooker repairs service. An oven not heating is a common problem that repairmen see all the time.

Usually, an oven that won’t heat up at all means there is a defective heater, damaged switch, or faulty wire. If the oven attempts to heat but won’t heat to the desired temperature, you could have problems with your thermoregulator.
Your oven won’t heat up at all
Replacing the defective system could help get your oven back up and running. A professional will be able to troubleshoot the exact problem and let you know your options.

Parts of your oven are falling off

If your knobs pop off when you twist them or your door handle comes off when you pull on it, don’t be too alarmed. While this isn’t something you want to happen, it is also completely normal.

Over time, elements of your oven and stove will start to wear out, including the smaller elements such as the knobs or handle. You can try putting it back on yourself, but if it doesn’t stay on, call it some help.

Putting something such as a knob, handle, or light back onto your oven is usually a very minor repair. Once they’re reinstalled, you can go back to using your oven.

The self-cleaning cycle stops working

Most modern ovens have a self-cleaning feature that helps cut down on the amount of grease and grime inside your oven. But if you turn the feature on and your oven looks as dirty as ever, there could be a problem.

First, make sure you’re using the feature correctly. Read over the user manual. Then, make sure there isn’t a large amount of grease caked to the bottom of your oven. If there is, you need to manually clean your oven before you can start using the self-cleaning feature.

If you’re still having problems, call in a professional. There may be a problem with your control board.

There are screeching or rattling sounds

The only noise your oven should make is a beeping to let you know when it is preheated or when food is ready. Screeching or rattling noises coming from your oven is not normal.

Several issues can cause a screeching oven. The fan motor could be damaged or misaligned. Another common problem is a faulty bearing. Rattling noises, on the other hand, are usually a result of loose screws or misplaced parts.
There are screeching or rattling sounds
No matter if your oven is screeching or rattling, a professional will be able to determine the problem and replace the part.

The oven turns off

It can be rather annoying when your oven randomly shuts off while you’re trying to cook dinner. If your oven turns off while in use but still heats right back up when turned back on, there is a faulty component somewhere in your oven.

Typically, this is an indication that there is a problem with your thermoregulator or thermal switch. Sometimes thermal switches can be reset by hand, but other times they’ll need to be replaced.

If you’ve tried resetting the thermal switch and your oven still turns off unexpectedly, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. They’ll figure out which part needs replaced and get your oven back up and running.

In conclusion

Oven problems aren’t fun, but before you go buying an expensive new unit, make sure to chat with a professional to see if your current unit can be repaired. Unless your oven is over 10 years old, there is likely a way to fix your oven. Ovens usually last between 10-15 years, so if your oven is getting up there in age, you may need to replace it during your next kitchen remodel.