When doors in a home need replacing, people will find that they can save money in a variety of ways by going online to comparison shop for the best prices. Shopping from the comfort of one’s own home is always preferable because you can take your time and find just the right ones. It is also an added plus that they will be delivered right to your door.

Redoing Your Own Doors

Sometimes, money is a factor, and redoing doors is the only answer. It can be a way for you to save a lot of money and you can have doors that will look fantastic again. Be sure that you pick a paint color for your doors that will look fantastic with your interior. And, make sure the paint is of the highest quality that you can find. Choosing the perfect cupboard handles will finish the look of your newly painted doors leaving you with a fresh new feel. For those who wish to try to redo their own doors, here are some tips on painting them so that they look like new:

1. Preparation Time

You will want to make sure that you remove your door from the hinges. It should be laid flat so make sure that your space is large enough for the process. A table is used in most cases but you may also use two workbenches or sawhorses to support both sides of the door. However, you decide to set up your space for painting make sure that you have a drop cloth so that it will catch any paint that falls. Laying the door flat will keep the paint on the door better so that it doesn’t run in places. All the door handles and locks should be removed. Make sure that you set them aside so that you can put them back on when you are finished with the painting. Use a damp cloth to wipe the door down and clean it thoroughly. Make sure that it is thoroughly dried. Sanding the door down will give it a smooth finish to paint on. Use regular sandpaper in order to do this and take your time so that you can make it very smooth. Once you are completed with this part of the process, you will want to use a primer on the door so that the paint has a finished look to it. It’s important that you wait until the primer is totally dry before moving onto the next step.

2. Panels Are Important

After the doors and panels are sanded and primed, you will paint the panels first. Use a paint roller for the best results. Always paint in the same direction as the grain of the wood. You want to get the shallow parts with a paintbrush. Go with the grain of the wood in a clockwise motion. When you go with the grain of the wood, you will be able to get a product that has an excellent finished look to it. Be sure that you always pay attention to the details so that you have the entire door panels completely covered with the paint.

3. The Rest Of The Door

Start in the middle of the door and go with the grain of the wood by painting with a paint roller. From left to right, you will then want to paint the horizontal parts of the door. Painting the border to the door is next. Get smaller spots with a paintbrush. You want to make sure that the paint is dry before proceeding onward.

4. The Second Coat Of Paint

You will want a second coat of paint on the door. This is to make sure that it looks finished. Before doing so, you should sand down the door so that there are not any bubbles on the surface of the paint. You can tell if it is smooth by running your hands across the door. Do this with a gentle motion that is light to the touch. You can use a vacuum brush attachment to make sure that any fine debris is lifted off the door before putting the second coat of paint on it. Once it is thoroughly allowed to dry, you will put the door locks and handles back on. Be sure that you do this properly before putting the door back on its hinges.

5. Clean Your Paint Roller And Brush

Once you are completed, you will want to make sure that your painting utensils are cleaned thoroughly. Clean up your workspace too. You can throw away the dropcloth for the paint if you would like or you can save it for another painting project that you might have. It can come in handy in the future.

Your doors will look like new when you do a good job of painting them. Be sure that you always consider the tips above so that they will look their best. Take your time when you are completing any home project on your own, as well as painting your doors, and if you need assistance consider asking a friend, family member, or neighbor to help you. They will usually be of big help to you. Have them to dinner for helping you and remember to always thank them.