Whether you are buying a new TV for a new space, or you are replacing a broken TV there are things you will want to think about before you part with any money. There are lots of types and sizes of TV you can buy, not to mention the brands,so, doing your research before committing to buy will save you time, hassle and money in the long run, ensuring that ultimately you get a TV that is perfect for you and your family.

So, where do you start, Ideally start by listing down everything you had in your old TV and everything you wish to have in your new TV. Think about when you want the TV, some models are pre-release while others are available with next day delivery. If you are in a hurry a pre release is probably not the best option for you. Now you have a rough idea of what you want it’s time to dig a little deeper.

Top Things To Consider When Getting A New TV

  • What is your budget? How much do you want to spend, and how much can you afford to spend. Does your budget include any hidden extras should they be needed such as installation. It goes without saying that generally higher specifications come with higher price tags, so this is of course something to be mindful of.
  • What Size of TV are you looking at? Are you trying to buy one a certain size to fill a cupboard where your old one previously sat, or, are you looking to fill up space on a blank wall, and turn it into a media entertainment centre. Is a 32” TV right for you or will you not settle for anything less than 50”.
  • What Warranty and guarantee comes with the TV. Having a worthwhile guarantee or warranty can save you from any unexpected cost should your TV go wrong. So, with this in mind how long does it last and what does it include. Most importantly something that is always overlooked is – what does the warranty or guarantee not cover or include. Checking the small print here might feel tedious, but it will definitely save you hassle and heartache down the line.

  • Do you want the TV mounted or not? Having a TV mounted can really show off any TV and any space. You can have them built into the wall or have mouldings build around them,so they seamlessly blend into the room. It is worth looking at the various TV wall mounting services on offer before you purchase TV, so you can ensure you get to have what you want. Think about how your new TV will fit in the room, will it be a feature/focal point, or do you want to try and lose it in the design of the room. 
  • Is your new TV a smart TV, is this important to you. Would you mind if you couldn’t access prime or netflix at the click of a button.
  • Where are you going to buy your TV from? There are lots of places you can purchase a TV from, these include online sellers, independent stores, online auction websites, manufacturers websites, or even on the good old fashioned high street.
  • What screen size are you looking for? Do you want a cinema sized screen or do you want something a bit more modest. What look and feel are trying to achieve in the room. Deciding on the screen size early on will allow you to narrow down your search criteria which will ultimately save you time. Focusing as early as you can in your search will save you from getting distracted by gimmicky offers and promotions.
  • What brand do you want? There are of course the leading brands such as Sony TV and Panasonic, but is this what you want. Lots of stores and budget chains quite often sell their own version or brand of a TV for a lot less than a branded TV.  To narrow down your choices even more think about what brands you have had before, which were your favourites and why.

  • Customer feedback and reviews matter so what are they saying. What do real and honest reviews say, which brands always seem to come out on top and which models and brands should you avoid at all costs?
  • Which screen resolution rate do you want? Are you looking for 4k or 1080p full hd. Also think about whether you want a curved screen or flat screen. How about OLED or QLED?
  • Does the TV have a built-in DVD player? Even though dvds are not really in favour anymore you might still want to have a built in player to play all those DVDs that you have stored in your cupboard.
  • How many hdmi ports does the tv have? – Maybe not one of your first thoughts, however, If you, or someone in your family is a gamer then this might be of high importance.

Finding the best TV at the best price is something that will not usually happen overnight, so be prepared to be looking at TVs for at least the next week or so. Once you have narrowed down your search to just a few models it is then worth considering just how old the model is that you are looking at. When is the newest version coming out – is this important to you –  is it worth waiting for a few weeks or months to get the latest model.

By now you know which TV you want to purchase, and that is great,iIt is now important to note that if you are buying a TV online without seeing it, whether it is new or old to always do your due diligence. Ensure that you will not be handling stolen or counterfeit goods and that any website you purchase from is secure and safe to use. The last thing you want is to lose money to a fraudulent website or dealer posing as a legitimate seller.