Steel buildings have become a popular choice in Canada for many reasons, but there are some considerations when building with steel. If you plan to build steel buildings Canada, here are six essential things to consider.

What Type of Steel Do You Want?

According to reports, Canada’s exports represented about 1.5 percent of all steel exported globally in 2019.

Steel buildings come in many different profiles, which ultimately will determine the design and look of your building.

The profile you choose is purely based on what it will be used for whether it’s a barn, workshop, commercial space, or home. If you are not sure what profile would work best for your application, a steel building company can help you look through your options and make the best decision based on their experience. 

Know the Local Laws

Building codes vary across Canada. Depending on where you stay, there will be different building codes to adhere to when building with steel. For example, if you are planning to build a home, the requirements for the foundation will be much different compared to, say, a barn.

The same also applies to how many people it takes for someone to build your steel building. In some provinces, you need a licensed contractor to build a steel building, but this could vary depending on the project type and location. Ensure you know what your province requires, so there are no surprises when it’s time to build!

Is the Area Suitable for Steel Buildings?

Steel buildings have also been a great solution in climates where you typically wouldn’t expect to build with steel. You can build a steel building almost anywhere!

However, there are some things to take into consideration when selecting the location for your steel building:

The ground must be even and suitable for heavy loads. The soil needs to support the weight of the building. If the soil is not solid enough, it’s essential to dig a deeper foundation.

If your climate has harsh elements such as extreme heat and cold, you will want to look into buying steel explicitly engineered for your area. It ensures that it can withstand the conditions.

What About Insulation?

In 2020, Canada produced some 11 million metric tons of crude steel.

Steel buildings are very energy efficient, but you will have to install insulation just like any other building. There are two ways to insulate your steel building: use traditional materials such as fiberglass, wood,  cotton batts, or foam insulation. 

Alternatively, if your project does not require much insulation, you can also use steel building insulation. Steel is naturally an efficient insulator, but other factors make it stand out from the rest, including low vapor permeability, high compressive strength, and easy installation.

What About the Roofing?

When planning to build with steel in Canada, your roofing will be one of the most critical points in your entire building. The roofing structure for a steel building is fundamental because it will be one of the things people notice when they approach your building.

Steel offers plenty of design options, including different profiles, colors, and finishes, making it easy to find something compatible with all styles and fits perfectly. If you are unsure what structure will work best for your project, a steel building contractor can guide you along the way.

Check Out the Warranty

When you are constructing steel buildings in Canada, a warranty comes with it. It is essential to know what is included in your warranty, so you have nothing to worry about once the project is complete.

When buying from a reputable company, most warranties include:

  • A written ten-year rust through warranty on all exposed metal.
  • A written twenty-year artistry warranty.

These are only two examples of the many warranties included with steel buildings. It is essential to do your research when it comes to this to ensure that you are getting precisely what you need.

It is why it’s essential to look into your options before deciding on a specific company!