With changing seasons, people find it challenging to maintain their gardens. However, with a bit of attention, care, and work, you can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful summer-friendly garden. Depending on the area and the surrounding weather, a lot of choices you might make will vary. The tricky part is knowing when to spend or save money. Here are some exciting garden makeover ideas to spruce up your space:

1. Hanging pots and baskets

These can make your garden look lovely, and you don’t even need to spend a fortune on getting the job done. A variety of hanging pots is available from local and online stores. You can choose the ones you prefer according to your taste and the look you aim for your home’s garden. You can also add some garden harvest basket so you will get a different set of natural colors in your design. If you’re short on walking space or have plenty of empty wall space, these are an excellent alternative to adding splashes of green around your place. Also, they’re pretty in-style these days.

2. Get professional cleaning done

If the previous fall and winter seasons have wreaked havoc in your garden, you should call in a professional cleaning service to tidy up. Getting professional help will save not only your time but also your effort. In fact, not only do they help clean up, but they also check the health of each plant and give suggestions according to your local weather.

For instance, the weather in Texas can get pretty hot during the summers. If you reside in the greater Austin region, hiring tree care Round Rock TX can help you prune your garden plants and trees if need be. They can also help you remove one if you want a dramatic change to your garden.

3. Paint the fences and sheds

If the fences and sheds in your garden look dull and sad, give them life with a fresh coat of paint. It’s not just the plants that make for a beautiful garden; your home’s façade and exterior play an essential role too. A fresh paint-job will revamp and lift the whole space automatically. A wide range of varnishes and paints are available everywhere, and you can choose according to your taste. Consider coordinating colors with other elements of your home’s exterior. Do something different than the usual neutrals to create a more drastic look.

4. Add color

A garden without color has no soul. And there are many ways you can add color to your garden. You can either paint your pots or buy colorful ones. It instantly lifts the whole ambiance. Additionally, you can also add waterproof rugs, furniture, and garden art, making your space chic, trendy, and just suitable for summers. Buy exotic summer flowers and sow them in flower beds or potted plants. Or, as we said earlier, choose some colorful hues while painting your shed and fences.

5. Add a fountain

If you’re willing to go the extra mile with your budget and makeover ideas, a fountain is a good investment. Simple water fountains are budget-friendly and easy to install. They are a source of therapeutic sounds and also bring together the outdoor space. You can choose to make one yourself or head to your local stores to find them. Summer sunlight reflecting off water creates a magnificent illusion.

6. Add wildflowers

Wildflowers are a unique garden addition and are considerably low-maintenance as well in high temperatures. Create a wildflower bed in the corner of your garden and add stones to stop them from taking all over the place. It is a cost-effective and time-saving way to achieve a raw yet beautiful garden. Perennial wildflowers are the best option for such a placement as they do not require too much attention.

7. Add a mirror

If you’ve got a small garden or one with a dark corner, you could add a weatherproof mirror on an empty wall to create the illusion of a wider space. It would be best to position the mirror to make a focal point and reflect the greenery. This gives an illusion of more extensive and greener space.

8. Group plants strategically

For a fuller, healthier-looking garden, it essential to research the types of plants that can grow together. If placed together, some plants can help each other bloom and thrive. This automatically makes your garden look more pleasant. For example, herbs like thyme grow better next to roses. A little research goes a long way here.

9. Purposely overgrow

Sometimes nature unkept can look a lot better than when appropriately trimmed. Let your plants grow unruly and spill out of their pots. However, it is essential to note that your garden should still be well-watered. Choosing plants that require less care and can handle challenging conditions are ideal for this situation.

10. Make use of garden technology

If you do not have the time to water plants daily on a schedule, you should invest in garden technology. Self-watering plant pots are available that have made keeping a lush, green garden extremely easy. Automatic wheelbarrows are super-efficient and helpful in moving things from one end of the garden to the other. You might also want to spruce up the place with a few solar-powered lights and save on your energy bills.

11. Recycle material available at home

Another cost-cutting solution while making over your garden is to utilize what is available at home. You can easily convert old jars and tins into pots that you can hang instead of buying new ones. People who prefer eco-friendly living prefer this over bringing new things in. Be careful of any sharp edges on the objects before using them, though. Put a layer of stones at the bottom of jars and make holes in the bottom for drainage, and you are ready to pot a plant.


Revamping your garden is a great activity to stay busy. More people are investing their time and money in their homes due to the pandemic. They want the spaces around them to be cheerful and bright to keep them motivated and sane. In times like these, gardens are an excellent spot for one to relax and reduce stress. Hence, these tips and tricks can help transform your outdoor space. You might want to get started before it gets too hot, though.