So, you just got married to the person of your dreams, mazel tov on that. Being with the person that you love the most is a feeling beyond comparison – and finally, getting the chance to live with them in a house you call home is yet another exciting feeling.

The idea of relocating to a new house after marriage probably creates an image of excitement and fun in your brain. However, moving can also be a daunting task, particularly for newlyweds. Even if you both haven’t had your first argument yet, you can count on the day of the move to instigate one. This day is bound to bring on a lot of fretfulness and stress, so it is natural to be a little snappy and edgy. Nevertheless, if you look on the bright side, moving in together in a different location is a great way to open new opportunities in life – be it for schooling for your kids, access to a more welcoming neighborhood, or better work. 

As far as the moving process is concerned, we have you covered. With some nifty hacks, you can make your move something more exciting and less stressful. So without further ado, here are a few tips every newlywed should consider when planning a move.

Consider storage units

One of the first things to consider when planning a move – especially for the new love birds – is investing in storage units. It is similar to having a very secure room at your disposal to store almost any item that you don’t use often. It offers a reasonable and practical solution for those who are mid-transition – like you, a newlywed, trying to start a new life with your significant other. So if you’re looking for a reputable recommendation, particularly near Newbury, then your options are plentiful. Newbury park storage, for instance, is a remarkable storage provider for those looking for a multitude of storage options, including residential, climate-controlled, vaults, and more. 

Furthermore, if you do not think the storage decision through, you might end up ruining things. The trick is to plan for the unforeseen, so you must ensure to go through all your belongings and figure out whether you need extra space or not. 

Hire the right movers

Nothing can ruin your moving day more than hiring the wrong movers. 

Moreover, you can’t imagine how much more accessible and better your day will be if your small apartment movers arrive on time, are professional, and are efficient. So make sure to ask about your moving company’s insurance covers and see if they are licensed. You can find more details by going online and reading reviews – if they have a website.

Create a budget

It is not cheap to relocate. There are numerous moving expenses, including renting or purchasing a new home, travel expenses, acquiring professional help, and opening new utility accounts. These expenditures can eat into your budget, and having a reasonable moving budget can help you prepare for the unexpected. When making a budget, get a quote from a moving company. This way, you’ll know how much money to set aside for the move. 

There are also costs associated with house makeovers before giving the keys back to the next owner or landlord. You’re not alone, thankfully. You can discuss these ideas with your spouse and financially assist each other to make your move a success. It could be the first time you’ve discussed money with your partner. You’ll want to avoid any financial issues that conflict with this point.

Open the lines of communication.

There is no doubt that honest and healthy communication is the key to any happy marriage. It is vital when combining two daily lives. Swallowing opinions and dumping feelings is a sure way to distance yourself from the other person. So, if you don’t like their furniture or would like to hang that piece of art even though they despise it, speak up! You are as much a part of this relationship as they are, so you have an equal say. Just remember to be respectful, kind, and productive, and you’ll be fine.

Pack like a pro

Wrap breakables in towels, sheets, and clothes rather than in hundreds of yards of bubble wrap. Socks can be used to stuff glassware for extra padding. That may result in slightly less organized boxes, but you will save space and money.

Pack them vertically, as if they were vinyl records for plates to reduce the risk of breakage. Wine glasses should be turned upside down to pressure the giant rims rather than the delicate stems. Wrap small trinkets in brightly colored packing paper to keep them from getting lost in the shuffle. This way, you’ll be able to tell whether a wad of paper is just padding or something more significant.

Take your wedding gifts with you.

Bring all your belongings to your new home, including sports equipment, electronic equipment, kitchenware, clothes, and books. Don’t forget to bring wedding gifts, which can include decorative items such as wall hangings, chimes, clocks, crystals, and so on. These can add to the appeal of your new home. If you haven’t used the items yet, keep them in the gift boxes so they’re easier to transport.

Finally, setting in

Whether you start arranging furniture or unpacking boxes right away or leave everything as it is and go straight to your honeymoon, you will eventually have to come face to face with the obstacle course of boxes. It is where you’ll spend time together sorting through boxes, renovating, decorating, and painting the rest of your house. So begin by designating one room as your sanctuary and completing it from the paint job to the decorations and furniture. You can unpack in true newlywed style, as you did during the packing phase, but make time for some fun as well. Take walking breaks to explore your new neighborhood and meet friends and colleagues who live nearby.

When you’re ready, you can start talking about how to combine your decorative styles so that you both feel at ease in your living space.


So there you have it, a list of all the tricks that’ll come in handy when preparing for a hassle-free move to your new house with your significant other. Working on a hassle-free house move with the proper planning and approaches will help you and your spouse get to know each other more as newlyweds. Remember, just because the process of moving involves a ton of steps doesn’t mean you turn your mind into a cell, let alone making things difficult for your spouse. If you make the right calls, your move would be as feather-light as possible.