Lighting a house creates comfort. You should choose an RGB lighting effect to complement your taste and style- There are various designs of RGB floor lambs that vary in size.

The floor lamps might not seem necessary, but when you have ample space, you can use it to create a focal point. You can use the same RGB lamp on a small space to add ambience. Here are some seven tips for picking up an RGB floor lamp.

1. Interior Decor

Before you purchase anything in the house, you always consider the design of your interior decor. It is not different when you are choosing an RGB floor lamp. Choose a lamp that will complement the colour and texture of the furniture and other art pieces in the room.

2. Design

There are various designs of RGB lamps in the market. Some lie low on the floor; others are RGB Standing Lamps. The design of the bulbs also varies to match everyone’s taste. If you have the manufacturers’ contacts, you may reach out to them to get a customized design to match your preference.


3. Remote control

It is tedious to get a manually operated floor lamp, especially when you need to change the lighting effects. Having an RGB floor lamp with a remote will make the operations more relaxed, you can change the intensity of the light at the comfort of your couch,


4. Sleep timer

Modern floor lamps are fitted with a sleep timer feature. You will be at peace when you leave your children unattended for that romantic dinner date. They will also not be scared of the dark as they will sleep with the lamp on.

The sleep timer will help save on energy in case you forget to switch it off when you go to sleep.

5. Dimmable and color-changing bulbs

Color variety and different light intensity are some of the reasons you should get an RGB floor lamp. You will not need to purchase different bulbs for different color effects. Since they are composed of primary colors, you can set them to the color of your choice. You can also set the bulbs to bright or dull mode. Therefore, get the lamp that enables this feature.

Consider the purpose of the lamp; it will guide you to choose the quality of this function. If the lamp is not multipurpose, this feature will not be necessary.

6. Your Space

RGB floor lamps in the market vary in size. It will be awkward to have a large floor lamp in a small room. On the other hand, a very small RGB standing lamp in a large room will not draw attention. Since the lamp should add to the interior decor, let your lamp size fit well to create a focal point without cluttering the house. A statement model TRGB floor lamp will draw eyes towards it. Your visitors will have something to distract their eyes when the TV program or the conversation gets boring.


7. Warranty

As you are aware, there are various counterfeit products in the market. Warranty sets apart genuine products from the counterfeit. Most RGB floor lamps have a 12-month warranty.

However, there are a few manufacturers that offer up to 24 months warranty. You will be sure to get a replacement or free maintenance when the lamp spoils before the warranty period is over. And since the manufacturer doesn’t want to make a loss, they ensure the lamps are of high quality.

Benefits of Floor Lamp with RGB

A lamp with RGB will create an atmosphere to match with any decor. The changing color effects make it possible to adjust your lighting color to your preference. There are about 6 million hues you can achieve from a high-quality RGB floor lamp

You will be able to create different lighting themes for different occasions without purchasing extra lamps.

You can sync the game with the RGB light settings. You will have an ample environment to play your games without straining your eyes.

You can achieve a white color lighting by balancing the rid, blue and green light settings.
You can use RGB in any room you want. You only need to adjust the light to create the atmosphere you desire for that particular room.


RGB floor lamps are so versatile. When you get an RGB floor lamp with remote control, you will be able to change the theme of your house to match different events. Your Halloweens will be different from Christmas and Easter holidays.