The one exciting aspect of moving home is that you get to decorate it in your own style. Though designing and decorating a home can be very challenging, it is equally an exciting experience. Like the overall moving process, designing and decorating your home will need equal effort and planning. A well-organized and decorated home is the door to a peaceful and more organized life that works in your favour in many ways. If you are also planning to move your house soon, here are a few unpacking and decorating tips that will rejuvenate your overall moving experience and will boost your new life with a fresh start.

Get a Deep House Clean-up

The process of moving home includes so many small tasks from hiring a good cross country mover from Moving Apt to packing to organizing your new space. While all these small tasks are equally important, the main work starts with unpacking and organizing your new home. Before you plan your decoration style and schedule, make sure your house is thoroughly and deeply cleaned. Consider hiring professional to do this job as they are trained to do the job from removing all stubborn stains from the floor to make your greasy kitchen sparkling clean. If you are planning to clean the house yourself, make sure you gather all the required cleaning supplies and tools before you start the process. Start from the ceiling and come down to the floor. Clean everything including kitchen cabinets, counter top, sinks, wash basins, bathroom tiles, ceiling, and flooring.

Repaint the House

Get your house painted. Painting your house will give you a new feel and will make the home look neater and cleaner. Paint will also hide all cracks and nail holes in the walls if any. Make sure you pick the right color for your house walls. While a light color gives an elite look, one dark wall in the room will work as a highlighter. Keeping a white base for all your house walls will give you a lot of room to experiment with the decorative pieces.

Don’t Go Overboard

Try and make use of all the decorative material that you already have. Spending money on expensive artwork is not a good idea especially when you have just spent a hefty amount on moving and renovating the house. Though you may like to decorate your home in a different style than before, it is a good idea to use old stuff differently. You can do experiments too, for instance, you can hang your ceramic plates or metal serving platters on wall as an artwork. All you have to do is to be a little creative in the placement of those plates.

Add Greens

Go green is the most used modern slogan and this will work well when decorating your house. Once you have unpacked and organized your home well and also have added a few artworks to enhance the ambiance of your beautiful home, now is the time to add some greens to it. Plants have always been a part of our home décor as they make our homes look fresh and lively. Consider placing some good and healthy indoor plants that will not only decorate your house but will also purify the air.

Use Your Space Wisely

The key to a well-organized home is to use the available space well and for that, make sure you take accurate measurements of all the required places before you move into your new home. This will help you in deciding the placement of your big furniture pieces and think about the alternatives in case any of them won’t fit. Taking measurements will save you from making unrealistic placement and organization plans. And also, try to maximize the space by utilizing every corner of the house. Make sure you do not buy ay matching furniture to add to your existing furniture before moving into your new house and placing the existing items. You can consider purchasing some add-on items after the move and that will help you in creating a new and effective decoration style.

Organize Your Closets

While decorating your home has more to do with the outer look of the space but we cannot ignore the significance of a well-organized wardrobe. A messed up closet will spoil the look of overall look of an otherwise beautiful looking house. You can consider buying some useful closet organizers to use your closets best. A well-organized and well placed closet converts your home into warmer and more comfortable place.


When decorating your new home, you just cannot ignore the importance of windows as there is enough scope to add life to your home by hanging some custom-made curtains in each room. Choose your curtains that reflect the mood and personality of its keepers. For instance, you can use vibrant colors for kids’ room and subtle and elegant color curtains for the master bedroom.

Along with all these above-said ideas, you can do much more by being creative.