Windows are the integral part of every house so as to provide natural light and required ventilation yet they need to be covered to regulate interior temperatures throughout the year. Excessive heat in summers or cold in winters can cause problems to the people residing inside.

In order to cover windows, plantation shutters have been used since ages. Earlier people used plantation shutters made from simple cloth or wood but with changing times, various other materials are used to make plantation shutters.

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are a type of blinds ,usually made from wood, are meant to heat from sun during day time and provide the additional insulation during extreme cold weather conditions in winters. Originally installed inside, plantation shutters are nowadays being used outside homes as well 

The traditional interior window fittings, wooden louvers of plantation shutters can be opened or closed easily to let in light as and when required. 

Plantation shutters, the proto blinds,  act as efficient alternatives to the blinds and can offer privacy and  also used for aesthetic purposes. 

They come in many sizes, styles and are made from variety of materials to suit your budget and window size.

Plantation shutters are installed in practically every home or commercial places as they not only offer an elevated look and style to your home but also add curb appeal to the outside of your home besides offering more efficient light control inside.

Types of plantation shutters 

Plantation shuttersMelbourne are very popular and are installed usually with larger or wide louvers as they increase the beauty, elegance, and grace of your rooms. For installation inside or outside a home, plantation shutters can be of various types, such as:

  • Full Height Plantation Shutters – ideally suitable for most windows to cover and insulate the area and prevent light from coming inside the room  
  • Tier and Tier Shutters – made up of two shutters that allow one shutter to sit on other and allow you to open one part  as per your need for letting in light and air circulation.   
  • Café Style Plantation Shutters – that divides window in two sections, usually preferred for exterior plantation. 
  • Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters – are designed for larger windows in such a way that allows you to fold them. 
  • Solid Shutters- are without slat or louvers,  ideally suited residential or commercial windows to  blocking light and offer insulation 

 In addition, you may also have Waterproof shutters, Bay Window Plantation Shutters, Conservatory Shutters and for geometric shaped windows, be it a pentagon, oval, hexagon or any other shapes you can choose the desired plantation shutters in Melbourne from Fantastic Blind & Shutters.

Common materials used for making plantation shutters

Although it is a matter of personal choice and need, yet the most common materials used for making plantation shutters include:

  • PVC 
  • Foamed Synthetics 
  •  Medium Density Fibre
  • Composite Wood  
  • Alder 
  • Basswood 
  • Cedar Wood 
  • Laminated Shutters

Every material has its own beauty and qualities yet best preferred plantation shutters Melbourne  made fromAlder, Basswood and Cedarwood are more elegant, graceful and durable.

When you desire to renovate your home or install new plantation shutters Melbourne, rely on the expertise, high quality and craftsmanship of Fantastic Blinds and Shutters.