The decision to take out a loan is a decision that must be undertaken thoughtfully and carefully. Loans can have a detrimental impact on your quality of life if not carefully considered, and if not honoured, can be absolutely devastating for many years to come. This page will hope to tell you a few of the advantages and disadvantages of taking out a loan for home improvement, as well as offering some alternatives.

The need for home improvements can come suddenly and strike unexpectedly. If your home is damaged or needs some improvement, it is important you do it hastily, as allowing damages to go unrepaired can often lead to your home deteriorating further and losing a lot of its value.

So, a home improvement loan. Is it a good idea? Find out here.

1. Advantages of taking a loan

The advantages of taking out a home improvement loan are many. Before taking out a loan, you must seriously think it through and work through your budgets to be sure you can afford to repay it in its entirety, otherwise, you may be subject to high fees and high-interest rates. Here are a few advantages of a home improvement loan.

Untouched Savings

Deciding to take out a loan for home improvement can mean you do not need to dig into your savings. Having to dig into your savings can be a very uncomfortable situation, and it can be one we do very reluctantly. The licensed moneylenders from explain that in order to perform home renovations, you do not need to drain your bank account of its savings. Taking out a loan means that you can keep your savings and pay back your loan monthly, thereby holding onto your rainy-day fund.

Instant Access

Another great thing about loans is that you can get instant access to them, with the money being paid into your account minutes after the loans’ approval. The instant access loans provide you to money is one of the reasons that they are so highly sought after and used so frequently. In times of disaster, you often cannot sit around waiting for money to miraculously appear. This is where loans come in handy. Within hours of a financial disaster occurring, you can have the money necessary to make the problem go away, thereby reducing your worries and your angst.

Low Rates

Many loans nowadays have very low-interest rates. This is because, in the early 2000s, lenders were charging extortionate interest rates, bankrupting nearly everyone who took out a loan, even a small one. As a result of this, governments across the world introduced low-interest-rate standards so that people could afford to take out loans and pay them back without having their quality of life significantly impacted by steep repayment costs. This only applies to licensed lenders, and unlicensed lenders will charge as high an interest rate as they see fit. This is why you must always opt for licensed lenders.

2. Disadvantages of loans

The disadvantages of taking out a loan are few, but the individual disadvantages can have a huge impact on your life. Here is a couple of those.

Credit Score

If you fail to honour repayments on your loan, you will likely find your loan defaulted. This means your credit score will plummet and you will be unlikely to take out another loan or get a mortgage for a period of at least six years. Not paying back your loan can see you in a lot of debt and see your quality of life significantly impacted.


If you fail to honour loan repayments, after your credit score has defaulted and you have been summoned to court, bailiffs will begin knocking on your door and begin trying to seize your goods, and potentially your home. Home repossessions are not to be taken lightly and can be a massive problem if not dealt with quickly. You can wind up sleeping on the street if you are not careful.

Alternatives to consider

There are alternatives available, should you not want to take out a loan, but are uncertain about what course of action to take to be able to complete your home renovation.

Here they are.

Ask your family and friends; our family and friends will often jump at the opportunity of helping us, and this can be a great way to get out of a nasty situation.

Sell your goods; selling your belongings is another sure-fire way to get out of debt. Don’t sell your essentials, however.

Remortgage your home; a home re-mortgage can get you a massive amount of money, fast.

Now, with the help of this page, you should be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not a home improvement loan may be for you. On the whole, loans are nothing to worry about and are very beneficial, and can be taken out very safely.