Wooden windows are a great alternative to fibreglass windows. Wooden windows can be made from many types of wood, including cedar and mahogany. They also come in an array of colours and styles that will have you spoilt for choice. One of the benefits of wooden windows is insulation which is better than fibreglass insulation because it doesn’t transfer heat as fast, meaning your home will stay cool during the summer months.

Wooden windows are different from fibreglass windows in many ways. For one, they are more affordable than their counterparts. They also offer greater aesthetic appeal and come with a lifetime warranty. Wooden windows are durable and scratch-resistant, making them ideal for houses with pets or children that like to explore the outdoors. Fibreglass windows do not have this same durability and can be scratched easily by kids or animals. If you’re looking for high-quality wooden windows at an affordable price, we recommend you to visit Panorama Windows

Cost of Wooden Windows vs FibreGlass Windows

Wooden windows are more durable and scratch-resistant than fibreglass. Wooden windows also require maintenance to maintain their finish, which makes it a higher price point because they cost more initially but need less upkeep in the long run compared to other window materials.

Fibreglass is cheaper for homeowners who want high-quality material at an affordable price. They will transmit heat very quickly, making your house warmer during the summer months or causing premature ageing of wood floors and trim boards due to excessive moisture from condensation on exterior surfaces of windows. This can be a predicament if you don’t have a proper ventilation system installed inside your homes, like an air conditioning unit or radiant barrier insulation. Fibreglass does not offer as much protection against cold weather damage as wooden windows.

  • Wooden windows are a more expensive but higher quality option that does not have many of the problems fibreglass windows face, such as condensation and heat transfer.
  • Fiberglass is cheaper with good qualities if homeowners want to save money on installation while still having high-quality material.

However, it has some disadvantages like transmitting too much heat during summer months or being less protected against cold weather damage than wooden window frames are.

The cost for both materials varies greatly depending on what type you need most: energy efficiency, aesthetics, durability/robustness, etc., so be sure to look into your specific needs before making any purchases!

You might not know this, but there is a big difference between wooden windows and fibreglass windows. Wooden window frames are made from renewable resources like wood; they’re durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. On the other hand, fibreglass window frames can’t match up in durability or beauty with their wooden counterparts. You must make an informed decision when choosing your next window frame for your home, so it doesn’t become a costly mistake to have them replaced later down the line.

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