The search for the ideal beds and bed frames can prove to be almost as taxing as locating the mattress itself. If you are thinking about getting a new bed frame suited for your needs, here’s a guide on the various types of bed frames you can choose: 

Traditional Bed Frame

This bed frame comprises of side rails, foot, and head that supports the mattress on all sides. Made of wood or metal, a traditional bed frame features a rectangular-shaped base system that has casters (wheels) or feet with glides intended to easily move the bed. 

Platform Bed Frame

This is among the most stylish bed frames options you can select from. A platform bed frame provides the same mattress support that a box spring offers. It minimizes the unavoidable wear on the mattress to form a steady, flat surface on which to position your mattress. With the extra height, this bed frame needs a smaller amount of physical exertion when getting out of bed.

Storage Bed Frame

This bed frame is basically the same as a platform bed frame in that it doesn’t need a box spring. The difference between a storage bed frame and a platform bed frame is that a storage bed has drawers or compartments situated at the base for storage purposes. This type of bed is ideal for persons with small bedrooms looking to minimize the amount of bulky furniture in the bedroom.

Adjustable Bed Frame

This bed frame offers the groundwork required for an adjustable base bed. The multi-hinged surface provides support to compatible mattresses. This type of bed frame is ideal for individuals who sit up in bed most of the time. It’s highly recommended for people who want to enhance their sleep given how they are durable and will support your sporadic sleeping patterns.

The majority of adjustable bases enable you to calibrate either the foot or head position to provide additional support compared to sitting on an ordinary mattress. The adjustments are conducted through a wireless or wired control depending on the style you’re going for and provides room for a headboard if you want it fitted.

The limitation with an adjustable bed frame is that you need to ensure the mattress that will be paired with it needs to adjustable base friendly.  If that’s not the case, you will be causing damage to your mattress and not optimizing the ROI. 

Rollaway Bed Frame

If you want an additional bed for family gatherings, or your visitors around the holidays, a this bed frame will meet your requirements in a pinch. The strength of the rollaway bed comes in its ability to be fitted when need be and can also be stored away easily when it’s not needed. 

Bunk Bed Frame

If you want to accommodate two kids in a single bedroom, then going for a bunk bed frame is best. This option optimizes the play environment in a small room while offering steady support for the two mattresses. It enables every child to have their sleeping space which they can access through a ladder.

Daybed Frame

This type of frame provides a multipurpose style that can operate as both seating and a bed. Given how it comes in twin sizes, it isn’t the most preferred option for persons sharing a bed with their significant other. But this versatile bed frame is ideal for a sole sleeper who has a hectic lifestyle. Many of them provide a pull-out roll option which provides more possibilities for sleeping.

Futon Bed Frame

Just like a daybed, this bed frame can operate as both seating and a bed. The key distinction is that a futon will fold out to provide a spacious sleeping area. To make them more functional most models come with drawers coupled together with other attachments. They come in only queen and full sizes and fold up to become a couch for seating when not being used for sleeping purposes.  This bed frame is functional and will offer extra sleeping options when you have visitors over.