In Mountain Home, the median home value is $185,600, with an appreciation of nearly 14 percent over the last decade. A fully-landscaped yard gives you more bargaining power and makes the buyers fall into the spell of its beauty as soon as they pull up in your driveway. That’s because when buyers glance at your home, the curb appeal is the first thing they notice.

Experts also say that a well-landscaped home fetches 5-12 percent more value than a property with an unkempt lawn. So, hiring the best company for landscaping Mountain Home, Idaho, is a sensible investment with high ROI. Let’s see how.

Mowing and Cutting the Lawn Grass

A weekly mow and trim service rid your lawn of overgrown trees and grass. Mountain Home falls in the Southwestern region of Idaho with low relative humidity and annual precipitation of nine inches. Hence, homeowners spend nearly 60% of their overall water consumption on the outdoors.

If you are one of them, the grass or trees in your yard will grow faster than your neighbors’ yards. And then, there are xeric species that don’t need much irrigation. If you’re too busy to prune the exceptionally overgrown trees or mow the grass in your lawn, you may be scaring away the potential buyers.

Hire expert landscapers for tending to this task. With a cost of $30-50 per visit, it is an investment worth making.

Adding Beautiful Blooms

The areas around Mountain Home, Idaho have a high desert landscape that favors drought-resistant native grass, plants, and shrubbery. The sagebrush steppe marks this territory, with 36 varieties growing on the landscapes.

Chicory, Milkweed, Bittersweet Nightshade, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Yellow Monkey Flower, and Woods Rose are some popular bloom options for your garden. You can also purchase potted plants or flowers for your lawn. Plant them in the clusters of 3-7 for creating a drift.

Placing Fresh Mulch

Mulch creates a better visual impact than bare dirt, slows water evaporation, and prevents weeds in the flowerbeds. It is a small investment with multiple benefits of landscaping in Mountain Home, Idaho.

At the cost of $1.60 for every two cubic feet, brown or black mulch will match your home’s color scheme and make the plants appear more vibrant. For winters in Mountain Home, go for black mulch because it can retain heat and sunshine for a longer period.

Choosing Landscaping That Suits Your Home

An enhanced curb appeal gets attention for your home, but you wouldn’t want it for the wrong reasons. A poorly done landscaping job will turn your investment into a futile expense.

Most homes in Mountain Home communities are modern with a contemporary style of architecture. Hence, you need an appropriate technique of landscaping to make it stand out on the block.

Instead of investing in an ornate English garden, refresh your patio by constructing a pathway, an outdoor dining area, or placing a privacy screen. You can include a water feature in your backyard for stunning views and white noise.

Making Landscaping an Ongoing Process

Summer and spring are the best seasons to sell your home, but buyers look for properties throughout the year. Mountain Home is less snowy than other parts. So, you may have fewer buyers during December when snowfall reaches 5.4 inches.

Other than that, you can keep your house open for sale year-round. Hence, seasonal landscaping may not keep it in the top-notch conditions.

Add features that catch the buyers’ attention in any season. That may include evergreen plants in winters or bright leaves in the fall.

With these landscaping tips, you can enhance your home’s value and get up to 40% of ROI on the costs. But, entrust the job to a trusted landscaper in your area.