Glass table tops are one of the most common furniture items which you can find in any home or office room. Although it is a simple piece of glass, it can have a great impact on the overall look of your room. There are hundreds of options to consider for your tabletop which come with different pros and cons. Each glass type and style can cost you a different amount of money. Even same-looking glass table tops can have different price tags because of the glass type, edge work, etc. Following are a few factors that can have an impact on the overall cost of your glass table top.


Your tabletop size is the main factor on which your table top cost depends. The custom cut glass tops are available in any size and its price is calculated on the basis of per square meter of glass used in the glass table top. 


Another factor on which your glass table top cost depends is the thickness of the glass which you are going to use for your table top. If the glass thickness is 6mm or 8mm which is the standard thickness of a glass table cover then your tabletop will not cost you a lot. However, if it is a complete tabletop with no support under the glass surface then you will have to choose 12 mm or 15mm thickness of the glass which will cost you almost double than a thin glass table cover.

Glass Type:

Glass type is another influencer for your glass table top cost. There are different glass options available at different prices. Each glass type has its own pros and cons. The cheapest type of glass table top is tempered glass however if you need extra safety for your table top then laminated glass can be a considerable option. However, it can cost you up to 50% more than normal tempered glass.


Normally people don’t bother about the edge work of glass table top however it is also an important factor. Most glass table tops come in a flat polished edge which is the cheapest option for your table top. However, if you need a more stylish look then you can also consider a pencil polished edge or beveled edge however it can add up to 30% extra to your total glass top price.

Easy Clean Protection

Some glass companies also offer easy to clean protection film on their glass table tops. These protection films make the table top surface smooth and protect it against dust and scratch. Glass table tops with easy cleaning film come in higher prices however they can save plenty of your time which could be spent in the frequent cleaning of your glass table top.

Where To Buy

Online Stores:

The best place to buy a custom cut glass table top is online glass stores. There you can simply choose the layout of your glass top, enter your measurement and buy your tabletop online. There are several companies that can also cut a custom glass top based on any template.

Classified Ads Sites:

Another way to buy your glass table top is the classified ad sites. There you can buy used glass table tops. However, it takes too much effort and luck to find a suitable table top so you must go for classified ads sites only when you know that your required table top size is very common and doesn’t require any custom measurements or your table style is flexible for table top size.


Another way to buy a glass table top is the online marketplaces like amazon, ebay where you can buy ready-to-ship glass tops. Again this option is only suitable for you when you require a standard size table top. 

Local Fabricators:

You can also visit a local glass fabricator shop for your table top. There you can find any custom cut to size glass table top easily. Please make sure to visit the shop with complete and accurate measurements which you need for your glass table top.