A well organized, well-lit, and cozy closet is every fashionistas dream. There are numerous modern ways to give a luxurious feel to a closet space, one such way is using lighting. Lighting goes a long way in giving that edgy feeling to any room, and a closet is no different. Regardless of one’s tastes, preferences, or size of closet, there is something for everyone. If you want to give your closet a luxurious touch, you can read more here.

The most advocated for light source is the sun. This works especially well if the closet is strategically built in a way that allows light to stream in. If you are lucky to have the advantage of natural light make use of it. If you don’t have a window in your closet, try using a skylight which works even better.

There are many kinds of lighting fixtures available in the market to light up your closet. In this article, we have picked some of them for you. If you ask me which one I prefer, I always advise you to go for track lighting. Because they always give you some extra advantages. Like, easy installation, flexible, dimmable, etc.

Luxurious Closet
Advantages Of Natural Lighting Include:

  • It’s Free– It can’t get better than that.
  • Environment Friendly– It’s not called green energy for no reason.
  • Natural light allows you to see exactly how you would look in a certain color.

There is a boon to every bane. Natural light has its disadvantages as well. One disadvantage is it being timebound, you can only use it when the sun is out. This requires an additional lighting source for nighttime and during winter when natural light is limited.

The second option of lighting comes in very many varieties in every cost category. First, you need to understand the danger that lies in using exposed incandescent light bulbs in a closet. This is because such bulbs get overheated and closets are filled with items that are highly flammable. Make sure you follow regulations that guide installation of closet lights, this includes avoiding halogen lights and generally all exposed lights. Florescent lights are recommended with between 4000k to 5000k bright and clean color temperature.

To achieve a luxurious closet look, the size of closet determines the number of light bulbs, for instance, one light bulb should be used to illuminate an area of 4 by 6 feet. That means that the larger your closet is the more light bulbs you will need, and vice versa.
Some Of The Lighting Ideas To Keep In Mind Include:

  • LED Lighting– They are subtle and energy saving, and also very practical.
  • Lighted Hanging Rods– Attach rope lights on the underside of hanging racks.
  • Chandeliers– These are especially useful and practical in a walk-in closet. Chandeliers also look glamorous and ooze elegance. In closets with high ceilings, use low hang chandeliers.
  • Track Lighting– People who have attic closets use this as it helps accentuate the shape of the roof and its architectural design.
  • Mirrors– They not only help you see how you look in an outfit but also help disperse light, thus increasing brightness and reducing the need for many bulbs.
  • Accent Lighting– This creates a spotlight effect on your beautiful pieces. To achieve this, the lights are placed in front if the shelves.Using dimmers allow you to adjust the brightness of the light and give your closet a warm feeling.