In times when you are trying your best to make the absolute most out of a space that is quite small, the daybed is the more practical choice to purchase.

The fact remains that this very functional furniture piece can amazingly serve as both a seating during the day and a comfortable bed at night. You can always make use of the space under the bed for storage to be hidden or possibly another bed.

Also, you must make all the necessary plans and measures beforehand in a bid to select the right piece. There are some good review websites you can easily visit now before purchasing your daybed but first, we must analyze how you can choose the ideal daybed.

In selecting the ideal daybed, there are diverse factors to consider before you finally make the big purchase. They include:

  • Style

Your selection should be based on where exactly the daybed will go plus its primary use. A daybed will traditionally consist of the mattress on three sides wherein, the headboard and footboard take the role of an arm when the bed is being used as a sofa and its back offers support for both seating and throw pillows.

However, some daybeds do not have the back support and created with just the arms alone. While for some, they do not have arms and make use of just a back like a bench.

For some other daybeds, they stylishly mimic the style of the prominent chaise longue and has just a partial back plus one arm. However, it all depends on what works best for you in making your selection.

  • Materials

Majority of the daybeds that are being traded in furniture stores are made up of metal, wood and some times a mixture of both. All of these makes them not just solid but attractive as well.

For those who may want their daybed to have the look of a couch, you can search for the type that is padded and upholstered with either leather or fabric.

  • Support

On a general note, there are two support alternatives available for a daybed mattress. We have the spring-like support which is either grid or wire mesh held by a frame made of steel.

As for the second option, it is wood slats which cut across the frame in a bid to support the mattress. It is the type that you find in bunk beds.

For the springs, they actually aid in shock absorption while the slats are much more shock absorbent than a sturdy platform bed but not like the spring-like frame.

Moreover, if you decide to go for a daybed that gives firm support, the wood slats are the best option.

  • Trundle

For those who might be unaware, the trundle bed is actually a low bed placed on casters and most of them are on a frame that you can easily raise or lower to the height of a standard bed.
Also, if you need extra sleeping space, the trundle bed can easily slide out and can slide back during the day. However, if the extra space is not needed, you can save up the extra money and not purchase this one.

Summing It Up

The daybeds are actually intriguing options for the set of people that need furniture pieces that can do it all. This is a piece that can offer guests with a place to relax or sit and it offers a comfortable spot to sleep during night time.

As stated earlier, when you finally choose the daybed you want, there are furniture stores you can visit now to make your big purchase.