The use of marijuana has been stigmatized for decades, luckily, studies and personal experiences have shown positive effects in recent years. Some countries in the USA, like California, have even legalized the consumption for private use. 

Be that as it may, even if you are careful, sometimes you can make mistakes and get in trouble with the law. Getting arrested over possession is unfortunate and it would be wise to get some legal help right away. 

It is not ideal to stay in custody until the date of the proceedings so the best course of action is to get bail bonds. I wanted to know more about how to best handle these unpleasant situations so I talked to experienced bail bond agents at BallCo.

What Is a Bail Bond?

Bail bond is a helping hand when you break the law regarding marijuana. Whatever your legal penalty might be, there will always be the option to pay bail and go free while still being obliged to appear whenever summoned by the court. 

Bail bonds ensure you can afford this fee and can help you out with all the paperwork. The money you would be required to cash out in its entirety to the court is still paid by the company, which then you can pay back over a longer period of time.

How Does Marijuana Bail Work?

A bail is a guarantee for the court that you will appear at all the necessary proceedings. This money is only held temporary and will be returned once you’ve willingly participated at all the required appearances. The bail amount has to be paid fully and in time, there will be no compromise there, and that’s why getting help from pros is vital.

The Cost of Marijuana Bail Bond

The cost of the bail is determined by the bail schedule. You can get the information about the estimated sum from your arresting officers or at the facility where you are being held. This way you can decide whether you have cash ready to bail yourself out and be on your way, or turn to other parties for help. If you, or your close ones don’t have an immediate access to cash, you can seek other solutions.

This is the right time to contact a bail bond company which will cover the sum and ensure you are released from the custody. The initial fee is around 10% of the bail amount. By accepting this arrangement you still need to guarantee you will appear at all court proceedings, the same way as if you’ve paid yourself.

The good thing is that you can now create an annual repayment plan, and arrange a hire purchase with the company. This is how you will ensure you are not held in prison until the conclusion of the case, and also a relief on your payment.

What to Do If Arrested?

It’s always best to contact professionals who have enough experience with these cases and can quickly set you free. This is also recommended if you want to bail out your loved one.

By contacting a bail bond company you can rest assured that the person will be located and taken out of the custody.

You only need to pay a one-time fee and let the pros do the rest. You need to consider your budget too, an unexpected bail expense might force you to reach for your savings  or even borrow money from friends. A better idea is to opt for bail bonds, and then repay over time.