Good garage door should last decades, even a lifetime. So spend a little extra time and effort to make the best choice possible, and avoid cheap garage doors.

  • In- Person Quote – It is like asking for trouble if ordering a garage door online or over the phone. A knowledgeable salesperson will check the details like size and shape on opening, headroom and side clearance and even help you to decide a design and if something goes wrong then there won’t be any question about whose fault it was. To get a salesperson to come to your house and check the situation before ordering a door. A good salesperson can help you in finding cheap garage doors .
  • Avoid Wood Doors- Real wood doors look nice when they are new but you have to devote time and money for maintenance as they won’t look good for long. Natural finishing lasts only for a few years then they need recoating and if it’s too long then you have to sand off all the finish and start over to get your door look new once again. You can get the wood look for a small cost and avoid maintenance Nightmare. The least expensive are embossed Steel with wood grain finish.These doors look similar to real wood from a distance. If you are ready to spend more than go for a garage door with the wood composite overlay. Composites give the look of real wood with stability and longevity of plastic.


  • Upgrade Insulation- if you want to buy insulated doors as you want to save energy or keep the garage warm then go for 2-in polystyrene to its intellicore.
  • Beefier Springs –Springs help your garage door go up and come down easy and slowly. Most garage doors have Torsion springs which are rated for about 10000 cycles. If you open and close your door 6 times a day then you will reach 10000 cycles in less than 5 years. Spend a few bucks more to buy a door with a spring rated for 20000 cycles, twice the life.
  • At the Same Time by a New Opener- the person who installs your new door can install a new door opener. If your opener is showing its age or you want a quieter one with more features then get it replaced. It will save your money on labour and you can negotiate a package deal on the new door and new opener.
  • To Choose A Design Use Manufacturer’s Website-
    manufacturers have software on their website which allows you to upload a photo of your garage and add their garage door styles to it. This will help you choose the style, design features, pick Windows and a colour and add hardware also. Print out the specs for an accurate price from your dealer to find a cheap garage door. Quality Garage Doors Perth is one of the similar companies which is a pioneer in providing premium quality garage doors.
  • Choose the Right Windows- A garage door looks better with the right Windows. Beyond style Windows supply required light to the garage interior.


  • 24- Gauge Steel – If you want to buy an insulated Steel then see that it is made from 24-gauge Steel. Many doors are made from steel or 25 – Gauge. Insulation reduces denting by providing a backer to the steel. Without it you need thicker steel to avoid dents.