Every day people try for one reason or another to find a replacement lock for their door. They ask the same questions, make the same mistakes, wasting time and nerves.

Why nerves and time? Because choosing a replacement lock isn’t an easy task.

In this article, we will tell you how to avoid wasting time when changing the lock on the door. How to determine the model of the lock, how to find a suitable one in its place, and what will be required for replacement, except for the lock itself.

If you do not have time to read this article, go into nuances, go shopping, then find locksmith near Langley. Masters will find out the model of your lock, buy it in the store for you, agree with you at a convenient time, and make a replacement. Moreover, you will get a guarantee!

What does it mean to replace the lock with a similar one?

It means that the newly purchased lock must fit into the place of the old one without the slightest alteration. Is that right?

Remember, there are no locks “another, but with the same holes”! If you choose a lock that must fit into the old one without any alterations to the door, you need exactly the same lock: the same model, the same manufacturer. There is no alternative (within a specific material).

The manufacturer designs and produces each model of its lock according to its individual dimensions. The main reason for this: to “tie” the buyer to its products.

If the lock or the larva of the lock is in the door, the best option for independent replacement will take them off and go with them to a specialized shop.

But what if the lock on the door is not already there for some reason?

In this case, to find the lock you need to capture all existing sizes of seating. This includes: case window, fixing holes, keyhole holes, holes of other lock elements (handles, gate valves, etc.).

Remember, all sizes must be measured in millimeters. All round holes are measured from the center and nothing else!

When choosing a lock there are no secondary sizes, it is not enough just one parameter – everything is important! In order to select the model of the lock to simplify your search, and a specialist needs to measure the work:

  • the centre-to-centre distance between all the fixing holes;
  • the centre-to-centre distance between the keyholes and the handle. Very important size, which is neglected by many;
  • The most important lock parameter: the backing padlock. This is the distance from the end of the door / lock to the centre of the keyhole. This size should always be measured, no matter what type of lock you have installed.

Lock picked up, what do you need to replace it?

You have picked the right lock and are ready to replace it. What would you need to do that?

Screwdrivers to unscrew the screws are the minimum. And you’ll be very lucky if you limit yourself to it. Often, the screws used to fix the door lock get stuck, rusty and don’t want to unscrew themselves. The slits come off, the screwdriver starts to blank.

In this case, without specialized skills and tools you can not take out the lock. Call door repair in New Westminster by topdoors.ca.

In addition to screwdrivers, when replacing the lock must have a set of profiles and files. Even if you have picked up an identical lock, you will probably need to sharpen a little bit when changing it. This need arises almost every time.

In 30% of cases, without disassembling the door, without removing the interior decorative panel, you can not replace the lock. Without experience for such work is better not to take at all, even if you have a full range of construction tools, and your hands grow from the right places.