While it may somewhat seem like an added expense, a bed frame can help ensure regular circulation of energy and provide a stable sleep surface. Generally, bed frames are characterized as the support material that handles your mattress and protects its bedding from cold grounds or dust mites.

Take note that dust mites can result in a runny nose, wheezing, swelling, hypertension, and generalized skin redness. Usually, bed frames for sale are made of top materials like metal, wood, leather, and fabric to face all such obstacles.

When you find bed frames for sale, always consider the overall size of the mattress. For full-size and queen-size mattresses, opt for double-bed frames or queen-size frames, respectively.

Meanwhile, picking the right frames for king-size mattresses can be a little tricky. Experts recommend finding out whether it’s an Eastern King or California King to get a suitable size.
Bed Rails and Bed Frames
Alternatively, choose adjustable bed frames that enable you to customize the base of the bed to fit with your mattress. Even though customized frames are challenging to install, you can always hire an expert from Fit Mattress to ease up the process.

Other than mattress size, the size of your room should be taken into account. Remember that beds typically come in large pieces, and a massive bed is likely to overpower the space.

Use masking tapes and pillows to get a sense of the size of space or put your mattress on the floor to compare it. Opt for a straightforward frame under your box spring to make the most of the usable space in the room.

Better yet, go for a simple platform bed frame if the room feels too cramped as it may give an expanded space option. Also, assess the bulkiness and height of the bed to add a little bit of drama into its general appearance.

Do You Need A Box Spring If You Have A Bed Frame?

Do You Need A Box Spring If You Have A Bed Frame
More often than not, a box spring is needed for your mattress to sit on when using a bed frame. In most cases, box springs assist the bed in managing your body weight to help support the mattress itself.

Likewise, adding a box spring to your bed frames will provide comfort and prolong the lifespan of your mattress. Moreover, using a box spring also elevates the height of your bed into a comfortable position, therefore, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Is There Any Difference Between Bed Rails and Bed Frames?

Is There Any Difference Between Bed Rails and Bed Frames
Bed frames and bed rails are usually interchanged, but both concepts have equally different definitions.

While both works as a support to the mattress, bed rails need a footboard and headboard to support the box spring and the mattress. In most cases, modern bed rails are made of robust angle iron and multiple cuts of steels shaped from different angles.

For best results, choose bed frames from Fit Mattress as they not only last for a long time, but they can also resist body sagging or impressions and remain comfortable over time.