The living room is an integral part of your home. It’s where you host your guests and probably hold important family meetings. As such, it’s imperative to adorn it with the right items for a more striking look and comfort. Although you may have various options for your living space, a fireplace is exceptional. But, you need the right information on the most suitable piece. Check out it has answers to all your questions on the best living room fireplaces.

Here are tips to help you pick the best fireplace:

1. The purpose of the fireplace

The use of the furnace should determine your choice. If you want one for warming your room, cooking, or flattering the look of your room, choose one that can do that. But if you’re acquiring a fireplace for a romantic ambiance, a wood-burning stove would be ideal. However, it requires a lot of maintenance and work, for instance, supplying wood and cleaning up after use.

2. Fireplace styles and designs

There are many fireplace designs and styles. You can have a free-standing or a traditional looking fireplace featuring brick and a mantle. Pick a style that matches your needs and budget. The different fireplace styles are;

  • Modern- These are svelte with a chrome finish. They feature highly efficient metals to help radiate heat out of your room.
  • Traditional- Traditional fireplaces are very common and the most affordable. You can opt for wood burning, electric, or gas, and most models have flames at the center of the design.
  • Cozy- A cozy fireplace is ideal for a small living room layout. It’s also an excellent pick for homeowners wishing to save up on heating bills. They are tiny and compact, allowing you to have a smaller surround.
  • Minimalistic- These designs are more functional than fashionable. They are mounted on the wall to heat the space efficiently and generate the maximum of heat in a small area.

3. Size of the fireplace/ Width of your wall

There are many fireplace wall ideas, but the size of your stove should match that of your room. Pick one that’s wide enough to dominate that part of your room. Besides, a tiny one won’t give you the desired look. Most interior designers suggest a ratio of 1.2 of the fireplace to a blank wall space.

4. Color scheme

Most fireplaces come in black or a wide range of metals like bronze and stainless steel. Although you can easily match these with the color scheme in your living room, your surround will dictate the rest of the room. It’s advisable to go for white; it allows you to choose a bright color for a feature wall.

5. Home location

The location of your home should determine your choice. If you live in a rural area, getting a professional to help install your unit can be a challenge. The ideal fireplace should be simple and easy to install. On the other hand, some stoves like the electric ones are versatile when we talk of location. Pick such a fireplace only if you have power and enough sockets in your living room.

6. Your budget

Decide on how much you’re willing to spend and shop with that in mind. In most cases, the cost depends on the design, size, heating capacity, and many other specifications. No matter your budget, don’t settle for a cheap, low-quality product.

Final thoughts

There are various living room ideas for embellishing your space, and a furnace is a perfect example. It not only lifts the look of your entire are but also warms up your room. With a wide range of stoves in the market, consider these modern fireplace ideas for a more beautiful living space.