Every homeowner wants their interiors to look like they came out of a home magazine or are somewhat similar to a celebrity’s home. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. 

The good news is that many available resources and guides can help you achieve your dream home. For instance, these style tips will give you pointers on how to transform your new home. But the first step is to pick the right interior design style. When the choices are too broad, it can be overwhelming to pick out one and stick to it. 

Having said that, here are some viable tips to help you decide on your interior design style. 

  • Look At Styles That Inspire You  

First, surround yourself with inspirational ideas. And there are diverse ways to do this. Whatever media or platform you’ll use, you can see unlimited interior design recommendations everywhere. For example, if you have a favorite TV channel that shows celebrity homes, you can get interior design ideas from these featured homes.  

Usually, you’ll get a lot of insights and hints from these shows that you might have otherwise missed if you’re just planning the design by yourself. Another strategy is to check out blogs, home improvement websites, and social media profiles that feature diverse home interiors. They’re an excellent resource for designs you’ve always dreamt of. 

The key is to look at the available interior styles that inspire you. Even when you visit open-house or showrooms from interior design companies or home improvement stores, you might learn more styles that can be combined with your own ideas and plans. You can also look at timeless design trends that could still be relevant in the future.

  • Devise A Mood Board  

Once you’re done gathering ideas and inputs, it’s time to take note of these visuals and create a mood board for them. A mood board is a design board that consists of all the details, color palettes, and visionaries that you’ve noted. It can be in digital or physical form. You might want to collate a poster of all the ideas and visual inspirations you’ve gathered. 

You can print out any screenshots of home designs you sourced elsewhere and collate them into the mood board. You can also cut out a few fabric samples if you intend to use upholstery or other cloth for your curtains and sheets. The mood board should contain all the elements of your interior design.   

You can gain clarity about your home decor style by seeing all the colors, patterns, and items you love together in one place. You can also use it to check back and forth as your project and design come together. The mood board also acts as a guide or blueprint for all the contractors and workers working alongside you.  

  • Answer A Style Design Quiz  

If you’re still confused about your interior home theme, it’s best to take a design quiz. There are tons of online quizzes available to help you determine your decorating style. It can effectively measure your preferences and give you more ideas of what you want. Take a few quizzes about design styles and compare all the answers. You’re on the right track if they lead to similar results.  

  • Be More Open-Minded  

As you design your home’s interiors, it would be wise to keep an open mind. Different ideas can sprout anytime, from anyone, and from anywhere. It is possible to gain a fresh perspective on a design by visiting a new location or talking to someone.  

For example, you might come across an old colleague, and they shared with you their journey to designing their home. As you listen to their story, you might earn some tips and gain knowledge on how to implement your home design better. They might share some valuable tips on living room decorations.

Another way to gain more perspective is to travel. It enables you to understand diverse cultures from which you might get inspirational ideas. Perhaps you want a minimalist home, but you also want to make it Greek-themed. By traveling to the Greek islands, you’ll be exposed to how houses are designed there. Finally, when you return home, you can apply the learnings and inspirations you’ve gained. 


Designing your home’s interiors doesn’t have to be confusing when you know the right actions you can take to complete this project. The key is finding inspiration, creating a mood board, keeping an open mind, and maybe taking a quiz to learn more about your style preferences. It’s okay to mix and combine different themes, art, and concepts, and as much as you want everything to be perfect, you shouldn’t be overly strict with the design process. That way, you can choose the right interior design style for you.