Traditionally photo frames are made of glass to preserve memories and decorate the house with pictures or artworks. These glass frames are usually fragile and need proper care. Cleaning photo frames at home can be a trivial task when the material of these frames is glass. This traditional way of decorating has changed with the increased use of acrylic photo prints in india which are much cheaper and easier to maintain. Unlike glass these frames do not break upon falling and thus make a safer substitute for decorating and gifting purposes.

Acrylic photo frames will collect dust overtime like any other object in the house, however they do not require any chemicals to be cleaned. Remember that the use of any kind of chemical on the acrylic frame might damage the layer or leave residue permanently.

The process of cleaning an acrylic photo frame safely at home is an easy task. It requires microfibre cloth and any kind of liquid detergent. Using glass cleaners is not advised as they contain chemicals. There are various acrylic cleaners available in the indian market which are made with a formula that favours acrylics and does not damage the picture or frames. Let’s take a look at the simple steps of cleaning acrylic frames

Removing the photo frame from the wall

Carefully remove the photo frame from its position. In case the frame is secured on a wall with adhesive you can choose to either remove it for cleaning or wiping the frame when it is hanged. The best way to clean is by using a different flat surface while cleaning to make sure you reach the corners and the back of the frame. Discard any adhesive or glue from the frame before starting the cleaning. This prevents spreading of the adhesive on the acrylic frame. After successfully removing the photo frame the wall, place it on a flat surface for cleaning.

Use a Microfiber cloth

To clean an acrylic photo frame safely, the best material to use is a microfibre cloth piece. A microfibre cloth can be easily found in any departmental store or online. Many acrylic photo frame developers provide a cleaning cloth with the product. Any other material like paper towels or sponge can stretch the acrylic sheet, so it is not recommended to use such material. Prepare a dilute mixture of soapy water for cleaning. Remember to not use a lot of water as it may damage the acrylic covering. As mentioned before any acrylic cleaner can also be used to clean the frame instead of soap water. Soak the cloth in soapy water generously for a few seconds and then squeeze out excess water or soap. In case of using any acrylic cleaner, simply spray or pour the liquid on the microfiber cloth. Do not dry the cloth completely, some amount of wetness is required to clean stains and dust off the acrylic photo frame.

Wipe the frame to clean it

The wet microfiber cloth is now used to wipe out the dirt from the photo frame thoroughly. Set your frame on a surface and hold it in place using your hands, now gently wipe the frame surface with the wet cloth. Do not put too much pressure while cleaning as it may leave scratches on the acrylic frame. Reach the corners of the frame to clean any stubborn stains or dust. Flip the frame and clean the backside as well. The microfiber will clean any adhesive residue from the frame.

Dry the surface of the frame

After cleaning the acrylic photo frame the next step is to let the frame dry. It will not take long for the water to evaporate from the frame. If you have used any cleaner this step may be skipped as the cleaner does not wet the surfaces as much as water. There is no need to keep the frame under direct sunlight to dry it. Do not use a handheld dryer with heated air to dry the product either. The product can be simply left for a minute or a different dry microfiber cloth can be used to pat dry the acrylic frame. After drying the frame you can hang it on its original place. Use new adhesive taping or glue to paste it on the wall again. 

With the last step of decorating your pictures in the acrylic frame the process of cleaning has come to an end. Made with a flexible and portable mateila, acrylic frames are a less maintenance product. Acrylic frames are versatile and do not require any extra care while providing the same gloss finish as any glass frame. They are a suitable substitute for glass frames.