When life seems to primarily consist of sleeping and working, scheduling time with your family is imperative.

Playing games and watching movies are great ways to bond with your family, but if you don’t have a designated space, you may have a hard time relaxing and focusing on family game night.

You need a game room!

If you need some help getting started, here are some tips for creating an affordable game room for your family!
You need a game room

Pick a Theme

There’s nothing better than a game room with a unifying theme every family member loves. Whether you’re a family of gamers, musicians, or athletes, your game room will bring your family together to do what you do best!

An escape room theme would hone your family’s problem solving skills and you could switch out the escape room as needed! It would also be perfect for both adult and children’s parties!

Add a Bar Cart

If your space isn’t big enough to accommodate a full bar, a bar cart will get the job done! Get a cart (a table or some shelves will also do nicely) and display your favorite liqueurs and mixers. If you want to be super classy, add some nice glasses or some fruit to the mix!

Entertain your grown children with your bartending skills or let your underage kids have fun making mocktails with this affordable game room idea!

Set up a Projector

You don’t need an expensive 65″ TV to have a successful movie night. Just set up a projector and throw some popcorn in the microwave!

Your gaming tournament will benefit from a projector too. Your split screens will be larger without splurging on a huge TV!

Invest in Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you’re trying to fit an incredible game room into a small space, you have to do everything you can to optimize your furniture. Multi-functional furniture is an ideal choice because it’ll save you both space and money!

A pool or ping pong table can be easily converted into a hardwood table perfect for board games and cards. A foldout couch is perfect for a comfortable movie night with the kids. A nice ottoman can help store your family’s favorite games.

Let in the Light

Whether you’re playing a board game or hosting poker night, your game room will require enough light to see all the details of the game.
Let in the Light
If your game room is above ground, natural light is a great resource. You can invest in some blackout curtains if you’re having movie night.

If your game room is below ground, you can get creative with your lighting! Fun lamps and string lights can make any space cozier. Colored LED light can bring attention to neat displays and give your room a modern feel.

A Family Game Room You’ll Love


Every family needs a space to relax and enjoy some time together. Your affordable game room will be the best hangout spot in your house (and maybe in town!) if you try out a few of these design tips!

For more interior design tips, be sure to check back regularly!