We all know that skylights are functional elements of design that simply elevate our homes to a different level of beauty. The ease with which they can totally transform a space is one of the many reasons they’re so popular.

But did you know there is a number of added benefits that come along with your installation of a skylight? Let’s discuss why this one element gives you so much value for money.

The Benefits of Skylights

Skylights aren’t simply pretty features to boost the curb appeal of a home. Here’s why interior decorators and architects believe installing a skylight should be an easy decision for any home owner.
The Benefits of Skylights
Natural Light

One of the more obvious benefits that come from installing skylights is the natural light that floods your home. Increased natural lighting is said to have numerous properties that can lead to better health. Unfortunately, the artificial lighting that is found in most homes doesn’t provide these benefits and, in some cases, prolonged exposure can negatively impact your life.

It’s Good for The Environment

The additional light that a skylight provides means there’s less need for electrical lighting. This will bring your level of electricity consumption down which means less gas by products are released into the air. Making smart decor decisions can considerably reduce your environmental footprint.

Save on Costs

Because of the extra heat and light, you’re bringing into your home through your skylight, you’ll be saving on utility costs. In colder months you’ll be thankful for the added heat in your home and will be less reliant on additional sources of heat. Who doesn’t like saving their hard-earned cash?

Ventilation Option

One of the few drawbacks of adding a skylight to your home is that excess heat might be a problem. This problem is especially evident in rooms like bathrooms and other high-moisture spaces. The humid environment can lead to more mould than usual.

Luckily these days there is the option of a ventilating skylight. They work just like a normal skylight except they have the added functionality of opening and closing. This helps manage the temperature inside.

It Brings Some Drama to Your Home

Skylights bring the good kind of drama to your home. Dramatic lighting, interesting designs and sensory appeal are simply some of the aspects that installing a skylight bring to the interior—and exterior—design of your home.

They can also be installed in a specific place to highlight features you choose. The natural light can fall onto a feature wall or painting you adore.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Skylights

By now you must be sold on the idea of a skylight and you probably can’t wait to get one installed!
A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Skylights
But, as with all things, there are a few key things to keep in mind before you install yours.


A skylight is a permanent fixture so a lot of thought must go into where exactly you want it. Take into account:

  • Your current roof and what will work best with it
  • Which direction you want your skylight to face
  • Which area in your space usually gets the most sunlight

Talk to your installer and go over the structure’s blueprints & take it from there.


Any improvements or alterations you make to your home are investments. And everybody wants a good return on their investment. That’s why, tempting as it may be to go for a cheap skylight, it’s very important that you select a good quality skylight that’s durable and will last a long time.

Weather Conditions

Remember: at some point during the installation process you’ll have a decent sized hole in your roof, leaving your home open to the elements.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast when you plan your installation. The last thing you want are weather conditions like rain, hail, strong winds or snow delaying your installation. Apart from the obvious safety concerns for the roofers, the quality of the installation can be jeopardised.

Don’t Try to DIY This One

As appealing as a DIY skylight project might sound, this is one home improvement that must be left to the professionals. Installing a skylight is a complicated process. On top of the precision needed for placement, it requires safety equipment. Falling off a roof isn’t on your to do list, so make sure you play it safe.

And There You Have It

It’s plain as day that skylights are as functional as they are gorgeous. One of these would be a fantastic addition to your home for many of the reasons mentioned. Is it on your blueprints yet?